Don’t upset a Stevie Ray Vaughan Fan!

As Aaron North flies gracefully across the stage like a swan on fire you know that it is going to be a great performance.

North is the lead guitarist for Nine Inch Nails when playing live. Both times I have seen him he practically climbs all over his own instrument yet still brings out the perfect notes. Not only that but completely destroys the Hagstrom guitars at the end of the show and flings it into the crowd.

As fantastic as receiving a piece of this be I wouldn’t want to be the first to grab it as I am sure you would be covered in sweaty meaty hands trying to get a part that may resemble something that was once in North grip. This could end up losing the guitar and possibly half your face.

But his fame didn’t start here, as any fan of The Icarus Line would tell you.

In 2002, North made music headlines after an Icarus Line performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Austin, Texas where he “liberated” a guitar that had belonged to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

He broke its protective case with the base of a microphone stand, took it out, tried to plug it into his amplifier, but was then quickly set upon by security.

Considering that the name Stevie Ray Vaughan is spoken with the same reverence as God himself in Austin, the crowd were in a state of how can we put it… Blinding killing rage!!

North and singer Joe Cardamone were chased from the stage by security.

The incident resulted in North receiving numerous death threats from outraged Texans, so I guess they never saw the fun light hearted side to it… If there is one!


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