Ace(r) times at Peterborough Beer Festival

Couple of us enjoying the finer things in life…. Acer!On Saturday I spent most of my time wandering around Peterborough Beer Festival, wearing a pink cowboy hat, drinking famer’s halves and laughing far too much. I lost count of the amount of ale I consumed; but lets say it was enough to get me completely confused and to inevitably, take a wrong turn, become trapped in an alley and end up having to get a cab back to the train station. Oh dear.

Aside from this, I also saw a rather awesome rock band; Acer, (not to be confused with this Acer) who were on in the afternoon. It was a shame I couldn’t stay longer for their set, due to the near tropical conditions of the marquee I was standing in. I should think that if I had been in their any longer than the 20 minutes I allowed myself, I’d have passed out. Their vocalist, Damo Reddy, obviously shared my views on the heat, as his topless form girated and bounced around the stage like Zebedee.

Acer combine a strong mix of G.U. Medicine-meets Queens of the Stoneage riffs, Velvet Revolver-vocals and an Aerosmith/classic rock poise and overall feel. What made Acer stand out though? Well, live they were perhaps one of the best bands to watch whilst drinking a beer called ‘Giant Killer’ and trying valiantly to not to fall over into someone else’s puke. They had killer rock ‘n’ roll grooves; as well as this incredibly meaty backbone of hooks big enough to catch Jaws. Hints of self-titled album-era Foo Fighters were also present in Acer’s sound.

So, yeah…Acer most definitely rock, – hard! A band you’d expect to see playing in a dingy, sweat encrusted, alcohol stained bar. Ace!



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