Feel the Shivers with Alec Empire

Feel the Shivers with Alec EmpireAs Alec Empires infamous ‘the past, the present, the future’ tour creeps closer into our ‘awesome, radical’ gig calendar, keep it fast would love to give the grand news that the forthcoming record ‘Shivers‘ will be released on May 8th.

The track titles for this 7 track mini album (estimated playing time over 30min Alec has added) are:

Control Drug


Baby Skull

Vampire State


If You Live Or Die (2009 version feat. Robbie Furze/Big Pink on guitars)

1000 Eyes (The Golden Foretaste of Heaven Film version 2009)

Note: iTunes will have a full concert as a bonus available. (more infos soon)

The first dark, controlled, electronic riot track ‘Control Drug’ can be played from the player below:



You can also watch a 5 minute taster how the track ‘Shivers‘ will sound from the player below:


Last but not least if you are one of those Nic Endo fans who is still bidding on that poster of her and haven’t even looked up when Alec and Nic are playing, the dates are below:

30.04.2009 Vorselaar (B) – Edma
01.05.2009 London (GB) – The Underworld
02.05.2009 Manchester (GB) – Satan..s Hollow
03.05.2009 Glasgow (GB) – Ivory Blacks
05.05.2009 Norwich (GB) – The Waterfront
06.05.2009 Amsterdam (NL) – Paradiso
07.05.2009 Hengelo (NL) – Metropool
08.05.2009 Reutlingen – franz.K
09.05.2009 Jena – Kassablanca
23.10.2009 Berlin – K17
24.10.2009 Cottbus – Gladhouse
28.10.2009 Linz (A) – Stadtwerkstatt
29.10.2009 Wien (A) – Szene
30.10.2009 Ingolstadt – Paradox
31.10.2009 Leipzig – Lagerhof

More dates to come soon!

If you can I would go for the London gig as that evening will be 10 years to that day since the Atari Teenage Riot was in a huge Berlin Riot!


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