Angelspit talk ecstasy and Star Trek chaos!

Photo by BruteBrother : bruterivet@gmail.comIt seems that the word “sexy” has evolved through the history of mankind and for the better!

A few hundred years ago the “sexy” word would only been thought of if you first downed a dozen warm fly ales and then looked at the person to the right of you… Of course, everyone would wake up the next day and pray to every God that they didn’t pick up a “lady of the night“. It looks like Angelspit has changed all of this!

The Electro-Industrial duo know as DestroyX and ZooG have been Thumping the ear drums of their eager fans since 2004.

The first impression from the press shots is that they are over dressed to the eyeballs but completely in the right way, from the sexcellent fitted pvc harajuku style ring leader suits, to the industrial blades used as a mohawk. This style would even make Prince (formally know as/symbol/squiggle) blush.

With their deep bass beats, stylish “riot” lyrics and techno rhythm, this is not for the Robbie Williams fans, but perfect anyone who is into the Gothic industrial scene!

With their debut album ‘Krankhaus‘ released in 2006 and a tour heading around the world (including England in October 😀 ) they are not going to be stopped.. Keep it fast spoke to ZooG Photo by BruteBrother : bruterivet@gmail.comabout sexual ecstasy and Star Trek shit:

When you walk onto the stage to an audience who doesn’t know who you are, how do you try and make a impression to the crowd?

Firstly, I’m always nervou VERY nervous! I usually can’t eat for about 6 hours leading up to a gig. We’ve done about 30 gigs I should be over my nerves by now, but I’m still always very nervous.

Weather the audience know us or not, we give each show everything we have. We’ve had gigs where people have travelled for 4 hours to see us – so we try to give them the best show we can. We try to be sincere and try to deliver as much energy as we can.
We are always completely exhausted after a gig. Giving our energy to the audience is crucial to our show.

We never intended Angelspit to be a live projec but the more gigs we play, the more we enjoy it. Our songs are becoming increasing orientated to live performance. We toured Australia with our latest CD Krankhaus six months before it was released so we could test it on the audience. Many tracks were re-written after the tour to make them more punchy.

You have a fantastic sense of style around the band but when you are on stage what is more important: The look or the energy of the performance?


Photos by Mortis / Yesternight.plWe seem to have a sick pleasure in walking onto the stage looking as good as we can, then destroying ourselves and making our “prettiness” smudge.

Maybe it’s a statement about uncovering the myth of glamour maybe it’s just us having fun.

Is there any classic bizarre stories of anything that has happened on stage or backstage?

At Wave Gotik Treffen it was so hot that DestroyX got sun tan marks on her legs from her stockings during our 40min set…it was so hot!

Has there been accidents when you have performed?

Only gear blowing up or suddenly not working. Nothing major though.

We use a electronic instrument called a Theremin. It’s like a synthesizer that makes notes when you wave your hands in front of it (without touching it).

Often our theremin makes unexpected sounds that are VERY psycho. We played a gig once where the theremin made this really freaky deep sound and the sound guy obviously liked it because he had this look of sexually ecstasy on his face.

I found his facial reaction so funny that I started laugh during a “really serious intense moment”

What is the best thing someone has told you at the end of a show?

“You have inspired us to start a band”

It is the greatest honour for someone to let us inspire them. This modern world is devoid of inspiration, and we are increasingly devoid of the power needed to act on our dreams.

There is nothing greater than the ability to inspire and motivate. Our society does not need another drone in a suit dedicated to making money. We need more artists and dreamers to inspire us to and “think” for ourselves and for the common good and all that Star Trek shit!

Below is a sample of the track ‘A la Mode, A la Mort’ taken from the album ‘Krankhaus

Of course keep it fast will be there for the show in London, shame it is not this weekend!

Note: If you click on the pictures it will let you know who took them, thanks!


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