If the rumours are true, i.e. the tour dates they have posted on their myspace; then the self-proclaimed ‘greatest band of all time’ ArnoCorps (pronounced ‘ArnoCore’) are to return to the UK for what they call ‘The Sequel’ in July. Expect thunderous amounts of hardcore-action adventure rock ‘n roll and songs about ‘Predator’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Commando’ and ‘Last Action Hero.’ – Ballsy!

Arnocorps - Holzfeuer Strikes A Pose

Those unfamiliar with the Austrian/Berkley/California-based 5 piece (2nd bassist Der Wolf left the band recently) can have great fun reading their ‘Arnosynopsis’ here and check out the band’s bio here. Their only album, the 15 track masterpiece entitled ‘The Greatest Band Of All Time’ is well worth £10 of your hard-earned cash, if only for the epic-sounding intro.

Any self-respecting hero should make his or her way to any (if not all) of their UK shows this summer. In the words of the great man himself; “DO IT! DO IT NOW! GOOOOO!” *riff*


A taster of what you can expect at an ArnoCorps show. See you at the party Richter!

Collateral Damage‘ (note how the drummer picks people up as if they’re made of paper!)




Words – Ross Macdonald

Photo by Tanner, AAP. (Taken from Arnocorps Myspace)

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