Band for the day will give you a listen!

band for the day will bring smiles to local bands eyes!There are so many horrid stories out there where top quality underground bands try so hard to make it big and end up:

1) Working in Farmfoods
2) Taking their creative side to a new low by inventing things that involve bread in their dad’s shed
3) Becoming a Fred Durst tribute act.

All of these things are truly shocking- well, disgusting really! What is worse is bands such as My Chemical Romance get snapped up when others such as New York hardcore Rockers Gay for Johnny Depp can’t get a American record deal!

Anyway, enough of me blabbering on as there is hope for everybody out there trying to make it big! This comes in the form of band for the day.

calculon are just one of the many bands that are not signedSound interesting? Well Keep It Fast interviewed the BFTD team to find out how it all works and most important, how bands can get money and a record deal:

1) How would you describe ‘Band for the Day’ to the ever rushing musicians in todays world?

BFTD is a new way for unsigned musicians to get their music to the public. In a sentence, BFTD is a totally free site that lets you make money from your music, get noticed and win some great prizes, including a Recording Contract. BFTD is all about voting – bands gets votes by people texting in a vote, buying their track with their mobile or pc and by the number of times their track is listened to. Every 24 hours the band with the most votes becomes Band For the Day, the stats are reset and the process begins again.

BFTD was set up by two full time musicians who realised that the internet was meant to give bands the chance to be heard by everyone, what has actually happened is that every band is fighting against each other, trying to stand out in some way against the white noise that the internet hasRatpigeon also are sadly not signed… Yet! become. BFTD is a very focused site. It places all bands on a level footing and lets the bands that want to succeed stand out.

2) What was your current status when you first came up with the idea?

We hit upon the idea about a year ago. We are both Jazz Musicians so it started off as an idea to put something together for Jazz Music in Scotland. The more we talked about the idea the more we realised we wanted to do something bigger than that. We spent a long time getting everything right, making sure the company was formed correctly, ensuring we had the proper contracts drawn up, doing lots of market research and testing, trademarking the name and making sure we had a unique and thoroughly thought through project before we got where we are today.

3) What bands have appeared since you started the website? Any that make you glad that your site is up?

The growth of the site has overwhelmed us. We weren’t sure how quickly people would catch on to the idea of the site but it would appear that there are a lot of sharp-thinking bands out there that know a good opportunity when they see it. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the bands that have signed up so far. I really like Sona Cocoon, The Utopians and Darklight but I’d have to sayThe Hoff pointing in a way only he could the standout band so far is Jakil. Amazingly they’ve already entered the Hall Of Fame, which is where bands go when they’ve won BFTD 3 times, and it look like they are well on their way to entering it again. They’ve really embraced the idea and have driven people to their page and got people to text in votes for them. They’ve done really well and deserve all the success they have had so far, which is exactly what the site is all about.

4) If such a person as David Hasselhoff went on your site as new name of say “Mekkah Golden Hoff’s Deluxe” would he still apply to be ‘Band for the Day’?

I would welcome David on board, though as he is a signed artist the site isn’t really for him. It is a shame that such classics as “Do the Limbo Dance’ will have to remain off the site for the time being.


Sounds like you cannot lose, so check them out by clicking here. Enjoy but please remember the Hoff sadly will not be there…


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