Big Ups/Live It Out/Le Galaxie – Singles round up

Three bands you need to get informed on right away – Big Ups and their punk rock styles, Live It Out and their basement-wrecking good times and Le Galaxie basically recreating all the music from Hobo With A Shotgun vs The Rocky IV soundtrack. Yes.

Band – Big Ups
Song – Goes Black

Wasn’t prepared for how much this would fucking rock. Big Ups are 4 dudes rom New York and they rule hard. Goes Black is the first track from their debut album Eighteen Hours of Static, which won’t be available on these shores until 13 January next year – bummer huh. Anyway, just means you have to listen to this track over and over until then.

Rusty, strangulated guitar-chords open Goes Black, that tantalizingly want to morph into choppy, ska-core upstrokes, but show enough restraint not to. Instead, the drawling, spoken word vocals take centre-stage, that remind me of Catalina by the Descendents. The spitting attack that follows on the song’s chorus is an electric charge of scathing, frustrated hardcore, drawing to mind Fugazi at their most aggressive with the abrasive bluntness of Paint It Black. Get on it here.

Band – Live It Out
Song – What If?

Live It Out‘s approach to pop-punk is exactly what you want pop-punk to sound like nowadays. It’s what you want it to start evolving into. It doesn’t look back whimsically at how things used to be, it doesn’t worry about pro-tools or singing in key – all it cares is how much beer and pizza is in the rider.

What If? takes the best moments of Off With Their Heads and Dillinger Four, and smashes them together with the tunes and delicious hooks of The Wonder Years, with what sounds like a bit of keyboard thrown in for good measure. The throaty vocal bark roars with passion and mountains of gusto and the cry of “I JUST WANT TO FALL ASLEEP FOR ONCE!” is bellowed to the heavens. You can almost taste the sweat and sincerity. Get on it right here.

Band – Le Galaxie
Song – Lucy Is Here

Le Galaxie are a fascinating and crazy bunch. I discovered them on Nialler 9’s blog a few years back and their debut album, Laserdisc Nights 2 is well worth everybody’s time, because a) it’s infectious electro-dance, synth-drenched chaos  of the highest form and b) it’s free.

Having recently played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, I can’t stop thinking about anthemic pounding electro or Michael Biehn’s stupid voice, so it makes sense then that Lucy Is Here should be something I have on repeat for the next few days. Clocking in at just 2 minutes, those Powerglove 80’s hooks will be firmly embedded before you know it, as will the opening handclaps, pounding beats and the hypnotic emotionless vocals which sound like they’re being chanted by a giant, planet-destroying robot from outer-space. My only gripe is that it’s far too short and cuts off rather abruptly – LISTEN NOW, MORTAL.


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