Grim Yet Thought Provoking Intercourse from Bikini Black Special


Band ”“ Bikini Black Special
Album ”“ The Grim Mathematics Of Intercourse

Release date ”“ now now NOW
Sounds like ”“ The world can be bleak in a seductive kind of way

Last year my ears were given the Royal Duke of Blessings in the form of Lancashire’s 5 piece Bikini Black Special.  Even then I hoped they would become massive and appear on mugs, t-shirts and your mum.

To my pleasant surprise they have just released their debut album ‘The Grim Mathematics Of Intercourse ‘ to the masses.

However I did have a strange feeling in my stomach, which was either last night’s  curry (probably made from cat’s livers ) or the worry that they had evolved into something that would turn out… Well shit..

This worry was taken away from the bombastic beats of title track ‘Schrodinger’s Bomb‘. These beats initially reminded me of the “bad times” when garage music became massive and hit our upper school like a bag of manky meat. But before you stop reading;  they actually use the beats to their full advantage.

The results blend into their own bikini brand, as  vocalist Kim beautifully intertwines her grim but strangely seductive lyrics, which leave you humming along for hours afterwards. Keyboard/guitarist Paddy mixes his own barks, raps and riffs, making  you eager to hear what is up next in the Bikini song pot.

What really stands out is the light and shade each of the tracks possesses. You find yourself listening and considering every song- the lyrics and the beats. Unlike all the modern idle wank that is out there, this spookalicious team are bringing music back to how it should be.

The best example for this is ‘El ango Del Hombre Diablo‘. The track  sloshes around your headphones like an alcoholic in the hot summer heat looking for the meaning of life. You become tangled in Paddy’s  slow persuasive banter. If that isn’t enough, Kim starts breaking down into a sobbing mess which seems a little odd at the start but then becomes extremely eerie.

It’s not all doom and gloom as upbeat track ‘Nagasaki‘ brings in the drum and bass mixed in with a twist of 50’s sci’ fi and punchy guitar, which I can see being their single if they are picked up for a record deal.

Listening to their tracks compared with their output a year ago, here is a band that seem to have been dismantled, examined under a giant microscope and neatly tweaked to give a even more bleak look at the future, still retaining their original sparkle.  Whether of not they have lost or gained fans through the process I cannot say, but the end result is tasty.


Click on the player to listen to the upbeat ‘Nagasaki’ from ‘The Grim Mathematics Of Intercourse.’

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You can buy/listen to the full album here
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