‘Don’t Leave Me…’ Okay! Blink 182 Reform

It’s quite hard to find a picture of Blink 182 not looking like idiots. As you can see, I failed miserably.Not really ‘hot off the press’ as every other blog in the web-universe has covered it already, but we might as well run with it. Yes, the purveyors of songs about jerking off, being unsuccessful with girls and shagging dogs are back. Blink 182 confirmed this on the 8th of February at the 51st Grammy Awards, an event which saw all three members appear on stage for the first time in 4 years. According to their website, the band is currently working on a new album and planning a world tour.

Cash in? No not really. Tom Delonge has been flogging that Angels And Airwaves toss to death and making a packet out of that and Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have done well with their +44 project, so it does seem that old differences have been put aside for them to carry on and good luck to them. It does beg the question: what the hell are they going to write about? I don’t think I could stand another Green Day-style ‘we’ve gone all boring and political’ collection of half-arsed attempts at songs. This perhaps means they’ll revert to their frat boy hijinks, which certainly had their charm, but Hoppus is about 36 now and Delonge must have eclipsed his toilet-humour days when he went all ‘U2-space-rock’ on us. If they were to write stuff similar to their last album, the self-titled one with the crap cover art, then I’d buy it. Mind you, if they wacked out (pun intended) ‘Enema of the State Mk2‘ I’d buy that as well.

Actually, listening back, they’re still funny and write damn good songs.


Here’s some live footage of the Blink boys playing one of their best songs that isn’t an overplayed single (note: I couldn’t find a decent version of ‘Wendy Clear‘, which is the best Blink 182 song ever.)



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Angels and Airwaves

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