Cable35 – Fungus

Fungi's to be with!Band – Cable35
EP – Fungus
Label – Self released
Release date – April
Sounds like – mushroom nostalgia

Not the Cable who were in that Sprite advert. Cable35 are a ‘fungus rock’ power-trio from Malta, now relocated in lovely Sheffield. Those expecting another Arctic Monkeys, get out now. This has more in common with Sub Pop and plaid shirts than Alex Turner’s mob of scruffy haircuts and surly expressions.

Opening track ‘Sanitation’ gives a nod to the faster side of Nirvana’s catalogue. The vocals are a scratchy confident bleat of someone who’s more of an optimist that a constant ‘glass-half-empty’ guy. It’s a dense, concentrated riff-driven burst of powerful, grungy-punk rock. ‘Andy Shakes’ struts along a solid bassline of alt-rock, that feels like Feeder, back when they used to properly wail on their instruments, like they were shredding them to pieces (think ‘Polythene‘-era).

Current single, ‘Rental Sunshine’, is a summery, scuzzy-haze of building, swaying riffs, dripping with grunge nostalgia. It sounds like a track to enjoy whilst killing a few beers in the park on a hot day, where doing nothing is everything you ever wished it could be and more (free download of this track available here).

Spinach‘ is an endorphin rush of loud guitars, rumbling bass and crunching drumbeats – it has that sporadic, carefree nature of Dananananaykroyd – all gang-vocal shouts, quick-fire call-and-response, fight-pop riffs. An undisputed highlight and a particular favourite on ‘Fungus.’

The beginning salvo of sneering, surly vocals on ‘Coconut Supply’ is pure Cobain-style, even the guitars feel contemptuous and derisive. It also feels like something that fell off the first Foo Fighters album (sorry, too much Dave Grohl referencing) – but really, this could sit next to ‘I’ll Stick Around’ perfectly.

‘Rental Sunshine’ is a summery, scuzzy-haze of building, swaying riffs, dripping with grunge nostalgia..

Underground‘ features slow-drawn out riffs that build and crunch over a gritty, meandering gait of grunge that manages to sound both menacing and delightful. It’s a warm, comforting wave of deep-bass rumbles that sounds like it should be soundtracking an early 90s surfer movie.

Final track ‘Boznich‘ is a minute long rant of spitting, Wives-style punk rock excellence and a fitting, breathless conclusion of roaring scuzz-pop that starts and ends with an overjoyed scream of delight.

Fungus‘ is full of brilliant ideas, sounds and anthems – I lost count the amount of times certain songs and different parts remind me of a plethora of other bands I love and some moments are still niggling at me as to what that specific part reminds me of. Cable35 create a rattling blast, of infectious, 90s-tinged heavy rock that Sub Pop fans won’t be able to get enough of – brilliant and blistering good fun.


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