Care Home – Assisted Living (Part 1)

Band: Care Home
EP: Assisted Living (Part 1)
Label: None
Release date: Out now
Sounds like: The crushing finality of existence. A great bunch of lads doing the hits.

Who are the band Care Home and why should you, well, care? Well, for one thing, it contains ex-members of Red Stars Parade, USA Nails, Whores Whores Whores, Year of the Man and False Flags, it was recorded by Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Pet Brick, Wasted Death, loads of fucking bands, loads) and the artwork was done by Eddie (aged 9). Also, they’re very difficult to search for on Google, making finding anything else about them, a challenge, so to speak, so let’s get some a few hits, yeah?

One thing I am a big fan of is the focus on synths and keys in Care Home’s music – this is predominantly at the forefront of their sound, with ominous intent and severe levels of foreboding, especially on opener, Birthday Sex. The repeated chant of “I am the liar“, with the subtle, sampled backing vocals, echo this chorus but give it real depth, mystery and a creeping sense of dread. Tooth Taker, on the other hand, slams into you like a truck, pounding drums, off-kilter synth lines, all dragged along by these slurred, angry vocal barks, that end with the repeated chant of a 2000’s motivational poster in the form of live, laugh, love which is fucking fantastic and depressingly hilarious in equal measure.

The morbid base grind that opens Prescription Sleep (something that would be freely available in a care home, one would imagine) has an uneven and slovenly tread, with this hollow and despondent vocal wail and antagonistic guitar wails. As it builds and builds, it feels even more morbid, before crashing into the howling malestrom of bludgeoning noise and gnashing hate. The final track, Cigarette Breath, is edged with trepidation and distrust, the repeated line “who’s side are you on?” alongside themes of homelessness and a lack of belonging make for a dour, and downbeat slab of crunching, caustic noise rock that while feels bleak, bristles with hope around the edges.

You need to check Care Home out right now – definitely, something special going on and these 4 tracks are an excellent starting point. Download the EP for Pay What You Want below, or buy one of the lovely orange tapes, maybe treat yourself to a t-shirt as well, ooooh lovely.


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