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image1Well, Ewen (or Catalan!) is back with a new single, the energetically named Alive. I love the squelching keyboard opening to this and when the cowbell kicks in. It’s the opening two lines that get me though – the layered vocal delivery of “Another worse Hot Water Music/A million more Menzingersers” seems to be having a cheeky pop at all those bands who employ the gruff-ramshackle punk aesthetic, but feels ever-so-tongue-in-cheek.  Throughout Alive, there is this bass-heavy fuzz; it feels very Death From Above in places, that similar, infectious dance-punk groove, and boy does this act as an itch – that chorus will worm its way into your brain before you know what’s happening.

It’s a proper fist-pumper of a track – that light pop-rock bounce, those Metric-esque synth-lines and that huge, skyscraper of a chorus leaves you wanting more. With Axis Of currently dormant at the moment, this is certainly a project that has legs and fans of the aforementioned Portstewart lads, will absolutely love this. Cracking work – stream Alive by Catalan! below.


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