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Gracing the airwaves again is Catalan, the new-ish project by Axis Of bassist Ewen Friers. We spoke to Ewen  last July, where he gave us the low-down on his new venture, and featured them here with the jaunty pop-rock of Alive.

There’s even more going on here than the previous singles – the throbbing keyboard tones, jangling percussion and the huge dream-pop guitar tones that will engulf you. I can see the nods to Why? as an influence through the soft-breathy spoken word segment, as well as the somewhat unhinged flamboyance of Les Savy Fav (Let’s Stay Friends-era) of wanting to burst free with stuttering energy on the track’s vibrant chorus. There’s raw optimism and delight on show here and it’s raw and infectious.

The only trouble with Cornelius and Catalan as a whole, is this project is always leaving you wanting more. This could have been double the length and still sounded as breezy, engaging and anthemic. I suppose though, that’s the magic, the teasing waiting game before the debut EP drops (early 2019 apparently). For now though, you’ll just have to mash that replay button over and over. Make sure to check out Alive and OKA as well.

You can stream Cornelius by Catalan below from Spotify.


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