Rock Sound 100% Volume: 176

So, I now know who Sleeping With Sirens are. Again, everything here (except Falling In Reverse and Transplants) is worth checking out, especially The JCQ, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, Gnarwolves, Rough Hands and Lemuria to name but a few.

Rock Sound 100% Volume: 173

A good mix of bands this month alongside the usual avalanche of mediocrity and nonsensical shouting. Caravels, Off With Their Heads, Hey Vanity, Let’s Talk Daggers, Thy Art Is Murder and Hold The Fight are all worthy of your attention and I suggest you check them out immediately. THANKS!

Rock Sound CD 100% Volume: 172

Great selection of tracks this month. Kvelertak return, also Megachurch are my new favourite band, plus Lost Society are comedy gold, Turbogeist – true punx and Fights and Fires, Next Stop Atlanta, Eager Teeth and Coastline all completely boss. BEERS TO YOU GUYS!