Cayetana/Red Seas Fire/Turbogeist – Singles round-up

redseafire (400x400)It’s that time again – a quick run-down of bands that you need to cram into your ears immediately. So, let’s do this or something:

Red Seas Fire – The Gold Room

If you like something with a thick slab of groove, battle-rousing drumbeats and a crushing, slab of noxious, finger-breaking hardcore then Red Seas Fire should be right up your street. Hailing from Bristol, this three-piece have already got one release under their belts (Exposition is available on their website) and are set to release their next EP Confrontation in April. The Gold Room is a swirling storm of contorting, savage riffs that spiral and spill over each other with teeth-gnashing ferocity. Imagine Carson Slovak’s Century if they weren’t so consumed by hate, but touched on moments of emotive, raw melody within their crushing chords. This is a lot more than the metalcore-painting-by-numbers you’ve come to expect – Red Seas Fire, stack their riffs so high that they’re soaring.


Red Seas Fire 
Red Seas Fire Facebook


Cayetana – Hot Dad Calendar

Slacker-punk rockers Cayetana list bad jokes and good hair as their influences. TICK. This strongly reminds me of Chicago’s The Locals, who are great (check out the Salt EP) with their washed out, fuzzy guitars and scrappy cymbal crashes. Hot Dad Calendar is not only a great song title, it’s also a cracking indie-punk rock jam. There’s elements of Lemuria’s sunshine pop edging its way in to Cayetana’s ‘whatever!’ sardonic charm. Hot Dad Calendar is available for however much money you think Cayetana deserve on the Tiny Engines bandcamp. Have a listen below. Ella is a great track as well; a slightly grungier edge and sounds like smoking cigarettes on a beach.


Cayetana Facebook 

Turbogeist – Comatoseturbogeistcomtaose

If Turbogeist get their debut out this year, I predict big things. Last year’s EP Ancient Secrets was a rollicking blast of speed-punk fury and Comatose is the beastly follow-up and the first track from their untitled first album, which doesn’t have a release date yet, but on the strength of this, cannot come out soon enough. The hollow, somewhat morbid vocals mixed with the rockabilly bass, gang-vocal chants of “IF I WAKE UP, I WILL NEVER KNOW….” is an infectious, rampaging caterwaul of garage punk greatness. The sleazy breakdown and creeping build of crunching, descending riffs sounds like Pulled Apart By Horses after they’ve been listening to early AFI when all Davey Havok sang about was having fucking massive wood-glued hair and being a high school football hero. You can buy Comatose from Amazon if you like, go on  – do it.


Turbogeist Facebook

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