Knife To The Heart: Cutting Pink Split.

It is with great sadness that I inform Keep It Fast readers that London’s Cutting Pink With Knives have come to an end. The synthesiser-heavy pop/hardcore scribble have this (snippet taken from their myspace blog) to say:

We are splitting up. No drama, no hatred between us . We’re just calling this shit to an end.
It’s hard to know how to say goodbye to something thats been the most important thing in our lives for the past 3 or 4 years, nothing i say can really encapsulate what this has meant to us and how odd it will be to not have it around anymore.
We’ve done a lot of things that we’re all really proud of, played some amazing shows, released lots of records and generally had a great time, but its time that we go our cute little separate ways.

CPWK: No More Rockin’.

The band will play 6 7 final shows (3 on our fair shores, before playing in France and 3 2 dates in Belgium.)

I was lucky enough to see Cutting Pink With Knives several times and I can honestly say they were one of the most entertaining, wild and amusing bands I have seen. They will be missed. I wish Alex, Chris and Eddy good luck with their future projects.

Their 2nd album, ‘Populuxxe‘ (reviewed here) is available from Holy Roar Records. Their myspace blog also reveals details of a final release of their last recordings.

(I wish bands I really like would stop splitting up, it’s giving me a bad omen complex!)


Cutting Pink With Knives Myspace

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