It’s disastercore Jim, but not as we know it

DisastercoreNo, I’m not a big Star Trek fan. I maybe a sad bastard, but I haven’t reached the status of total geekdom yet. Although, I do like the old episodes with William Shatner. (Sets phaser to kill).

I discovered Down I Go on a Rock Sound MWA CD a while ago, and I’m very pleased I did. Sometimes these cover-mount CDs can be very hit-and-miss. However, they’d hit the nail on the head with this band.

For those not in the know; Down I Go play schizophrenic blasts of bizarre hardcore-rock. Oh, and their albums have certain “concepts.’ Debut CD-R “This is Dinocore’ was, funnily enough; about dinosaurs!

Their second album “This is Disastercore’ sifts through the history books and investigates the most horrific disasters that have befallen our planet.

The thing about Down I Go is, I’m not entirely sure how tongue in cheek all of this is. The inlay booklet for “This is Disastercore’ details not lyrics, but information about all the disasters covered in the accompanying tracks, whilst the song titles themselves will raise a somewhat guilty smile to the face of any music lover (take ‘Billion Dollar Burning Coffin’ for example, which is about the Challenger space shuttle launch).

Fans of modern hardcore maybe slightly perturbed by this; but those with an open mind may well find something that is wonderful/sickening/down right wrong. Or a combination of all three. They even have a song called “Gigantic! Titantic!’ which is about a bloody big boat.

Sounds like: System of a Down set on fire, playing hardcore.


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‘This is Disastercore‘ can be purchased from Undergroove Records or from Amazon.

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