Drumcorps: A Need for Speed

When I first introduced Drumcorps to some fellow music lovers, their immediate reactions were:

– ‘ridiculous! :D’ (a comment made about the Converge remixes)

– ‘it’s all a bit mad.’

– ‘….’*

– ‘you do listen to some weird shit.’

*(stares blankly at me for a few seconds and then leaves the room; head in hands, shaking with disgust.)

This pretty much covers it really. Aaron Spectre (the man behind the moniker) is an American noise/breakcore/enthusiast who combines many unique sounds and technical components into his work.

Drumcorps: A Need for SpeedHailing from Massachusetts; Aaron’s first step into the world of music involved him playing in a variety of harcore bands in his teens, before taking a complete change of direction to become a DJ and immersing himself in the drum & bass, jungle, ragga and even ‘mood’ music (I didn’t want to use the word ‘ambience!’)

He now resides in Berlin, where his live shows have gone from strength to strength; an impressive back catalogue of vinyl-only releases as well as downloadable MP3 Eps.

The Birth of the ‘Corps

Drumcorps started when Aaron was 24, with the electronics whiz once again, changing direction with his musical prowess. Under this new guise, his sound encompasses the best elements of breakcore, hardcore, death metal, grindcore and electronic violence that would make NiN frontman Trent Reznor proud.

The Drumcorps sound is a complete adrenaline overdose of blast-beat noise. Drums are played at alternating speeds; rhythms pulsate like an overworked heart, desperate to burst free from the owner’s chest. Vocals are twisted, distorted and generally mangled into something that sounds like Darth Vader covering Cannibal Corpse.

Tracks such as the ‘blink or you will miss it’ headfuck that is ‘Saddest‘ (a truly devastating remix of Converge’sSaddest Day‘); the furious assault of ‘Vultures’ (again, another Converge track that has been twisted to it’s limit) and the sand-paper like abrasive nature of ‘Botch Up and Die’ show how the world of hardcore and grindcore can be so easily spliced with the electronic universe to great effect.

The beat goes on. The ‘Corps march on. Viva Drumcorps!



Aaron Spectre – Tiny keyboards that make loud noises; a guitar, a lappy.

Disc (as Drumcorps)

Grist (on As Noiseam & Cock Rock Disco) (2007) CD
Live and Regret (on Cock Rock Disco & Cargo) (2006) 12″
Rmx or Die (KRISS Records) 12″

Disc (as Aaron Spectre)

Lost Tracks (Ad Noiseam) CD
The Most Lethal Dance (Reducedphat) CD EP
Evil Most Foul (Death$ucker) 12″
Amen, Punk (Electro-Violence) 12″


Official Site
Cock Rock Disco Profile
Ad Noiseam Profile


Aaron is currently on tour in Europe and will be playing the UK on the 20th July @ the Glade Festival. He has 5 upcoming 12” which are currently TBA.


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