Ever been in a music video: update!

Can you beat this man?We have had been flooded with entries from the music video post that was put up a few weeks ago! What we forgot to mention what the special prize will be from the hearts of the keep it fast team..

Well it is pink, gold, round and collectible! *GASP!*

We will let you know who the winner is in about 2 weeks time and remember the prize can be sent anywhere and if of course you have video proof (on You Tube or where ever) and if it is good/funny enough, then we will just stop the competition there and then and congratulate you! BAM!

So can anyone beat these?

1) “In the video November Rain by Guns N’ Roses I was a hooded child watching over Slash nodding at the small church while he was playing his guitar solo….. but they took me out as I kept crying when the sand blew in my eyes”

2) “I was in a Blackfield video (who, you ask!?)

For the single ‘Pain’ and this video will be available on the Blackfield at NYC released on Monday 15th October!! It was filmed at the Astoria at a gig so I guess i’m just a face in the crowd!!”

3) “I have never been in a video but I did have my nappy changed by none other then David Bowie in the 60’s!!!! Where do I get my prize?”

Well these are the best so far, so can you do better? Just send us a message by going to the contact us section.

Good luck! Mad Mac is pleased with you all and is always nodding in respect!


I like nothing more then eating caviar, riding around in my speedboat and having money fights with all the cash I have..

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