And the winner is…..

Just over a month ago the keep it fast team stared a competition to see if anybody has been in music video and if so were they the main star shaking their naughty bits to a George Formby classic tune, or simply a tramp near a spice girls zig-a-zig-ah promotion.

We really have had a lot of emails which could only be lies but they do make us smile. One of the best is as follows:

“I am Slash so I rule your mum so please can I have the special prize”

If that really was Slash then we are sorry, we can find you a small goodies back left over from Halloween… You do like gummy bears yeah?

Anyway cutting the crap we have a winner!!!!

His name is Gabriel from Spain and he says that his dog Naruto, loves the site and even though he hasn’t been in a video, he wanted to show his guitar skills in a photo:

And the winner is….. Naruto!!!

So for this effort he wins!!! What does he win you ask? Find out next week!


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