Ex Wives/MADEINCANADA – Split 10″

exwivesmadeincanadasplitBands: Ex Wives/MADEINCANADA
EP: Split 10″
Label: Cheap Satanism Records/Gabu Records/Whosbrain Records/

Release date: Out now
Sounds like: Turning your head inside out in a bath of vinegar

No stranger to these ears – Glasgow merchants of hate Ex Wives are back, frothing at the mouth like Cujo with a broken baseball bat buried in his head. The two tracks on offer here are righteously unsettling; making you feel as though someone is watching you from that small hole in the ceiling you didn’t notice last week. Horses is a rolling cacophony of acrimonious bass thumping, shrill, detuned guitar-whines and a stop-start clatter of percussion. Your skin will start to crawl the moment everything stops and a barely audible, but bitter voice (between the sudden blasts of raw-punk rock debauchery) intones “my girlfriend left me for a horse…I should have seen it coming….she used to stroke him at night…” Get out of my head, this is too evil. Second track entitled 23-70, begins with 20 seconds of howling feedback before churning along like a lost No Age track, barrelling forward with cracked, broken and slovenly drunkenness. It’s a hazy, dishevelled wreck of slurred post-punk tumbling noise.

It’s as if both Ex Wives and MADEINCANADA are trying to be the out-do each other in being foul, depraved purveyors of gnawing, blood-spitting derision..

Horror dressed up as music – that’s MADEINCANADA. Hailing from Paris, this noise-rock trio are just as, if not nastier than Ex Wives. It’s as if both bands are trying to out-do each other in being foul, depraved purveyors of gnawing, blood-spitting derision. Listen to how the guitar stutters, wailing out of control of the fuzz-soaked shudder of Cognitive Impairments – it sounds like the fleeting last moments of a full-scale breakdown. The nail-digging guitar-picking is savage and deliriously nauseating in execution alongside the disgruntled noise-rock stamp of the grit-splattered bass and drums. No Form No Function injects some speed into proceedings, dragging itself forward through stabbing, cutting chords with the blunt and, scathing bite of We Are Knuckle Dragger punching their way through a field of kittens, whilst snapping each of your fingers at the same time.

Too big to fail – Ex Wives and MADEINCANADA aren’t flying the flag for jarring discord – they’ve already burnt it and rubbed it in each others eyes. Listen below for good times.


Ex Wives


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