Is Fopp rising from its grave?

Is Fopp rising from its grave?It seems that enough crying from the whole of England, especially here at keep it fast, has worked!

According to Music Week, HMV has bought the Fopp brand and up to six of its stores from administrator Ernst & Young. We also know which ones are going to open:

— Cambridge – 37 Sydney Street
— Edinburgh – 3/15 Rose Street
— Glasgow – 19 Union Street
— London, Covent Garden – 1 Earlham Street
— Manchester – 19 Brown Street
— Nottingham – The Frontage, Queen Street

Oh yes!! The Cambridge one does seem like it has been there since the dawn of time, even before the matter such as rock was formed. What a treat!

HMV said it would be able to retain up to 70 Fopp jobs from a total workforce of 800 and that the stores will resume trading as soon as possible.

Of course what happens to the remaining 730 ex staff members?

Here is some jobs that they are possibly up to now:

— Selling small floating plastic houses from all the discount cds they would have got, to the people in flooding
— Fusing themselves together wearing red t-shirts to create a giant Fopp ball and wreak havoc over Bedfordshire
— Make their own stall called ‘bopp’ outside each of their houses, where they sell their cds back to Fopp
— Find a cure for athletes foot
— Host Granny scooter racing over all the Boots in the world
— Feed a single duck for 20 years to see what happens
— Selling strawberries at the side of the M25 with there CV injected inside

However there also seems to be protests within such sites as myspace:


We are trying to get enough ex members of staff together to launch a Protective Award claim against Fopp through an employment tribunal which would secure all staff to a payout of between 30 and 90 days pay depending on the judgement made.

This is a claim everyone is entitled to as Fopp and Ernst & Young did not provide staff with a ‘consultation period’ for redundancies.

If you want to know more about protective awards, give it a google and see for yourselves. Or speak to Anne Browne at E&Y or even Citizens Advice will give some information.

We are entitled to it but for obvious reasons, we are now told about it unless we ask.

I used to work for Music Zone, before being taken over by Fopp, and all ex-MZ staff have just won their payout of 56 days (around £2000 for most).

To get on the list, email your name and address to..

…you will then receive a letter with more information and telling you how to go about it.

We are owed this for the stress and upset they have caused us all.


Is this true or just a load of rubbish? Let us know!


I like nothing more then eating caviar, riding around in my speedboat and having money fights with all the cash I have..

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