Join the fight to save the giant Isopods!!!

There is a lot of sadness in this world, and one thing that feels like a kick in your festive nuts is the plight of the Bathynomus, or Giant Isopod.

Join the fight to save the giant Isopods!!! He did!

If you don’t know what these internet favourite underwater creatures are then click here, or to describe them in a few words they are like giant woodlice that have a deep craving for Doritos…. Not too sure on their flavour of choice would be but it would probability be ‘cool original’ as it is by far the best.

One man has stepped forward known as Pagan Wanderer Lu who is going to try and strike awareness into all hearts by producing a tribute CD from a vast list of bands including:

Pagan Wanderer Lu himself,
Team Brick,
Paul Hawkins,
Pocus Whiteface,
Hornby Pylons,
MC CrabbyCrab,
Christopher Alcxxk,
Tracy is Hot and The Clap,

These range from a vast set of styles so everybody should be happy and lap up one of those CDs which Keep It Fast has been informed is going to be out by the end on January… But WAIT… Thats not all!!

If you feel that your band has what it takes to produce a underwater adventure in 2 and a half minutes of quality mp3 then you have a change to submit your entry too! Hurry up however as the closing date is on the 5th of December.

I have in fact submitted my own isopod track which goes under the band name Soda Scream, so if you want a listen give it a click!

Then if you are ready click here for more details or to join the battle!!!!

I will keep everybody informed if the Soda Scream track makes it for the pressing and soon we will review the CD!


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