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girl_band_in_plastic_7It seems Girl Band have been a bit quiet of late. I know from their somewhat sporadic updates that there’s been a few health problems in the Dublin camp, (cancelled shows) but it would seem things are getting back on track now, which is excellent news. Those unfamiliar with Girl Band, read this then come back. Right, all done? Good.

In Plastic is the next single from the acclaimed, food-obsessed 2015 debut, Holding Hands With Jamie. Yes, it’s once again directed by Bob Gallagher and yes, it’s fucking “underpants on the head, pencils up the nose” mad. As a line of severely disturbed people wait to go through what must be airport security, all kinds of weirdness is going on. From severed heads, to portraits of dictators, flowers being incinerated, blow-up dolls bursting from cases and still-beating hearts; it all goes through without much care or attention from the grinning air hostesses and bored looking security. Nothing like Gatport Airwick then.

Gallagher states the video is “different…and….more of a departure stylistically from the other videos…” (as opposed to the narrative drive of the bonkers Pears For Lunch and grim, but hopeful noise of Paul) and that:

In Plastic is more about creating an atmosphere, and putting the viewer through a weird overwhelming sensory experience, that hopefully compliments the different dynamics in the track. The narrative doesn’t make literal sense, and should feel confusing and claustrophobic. A bit like being on the inside of a panic attack.”

The fact that this creeping, swinging, part-ballad, part-sultry post-punk shuffle feels like it’s slovenly emerging from some putrid chrysalis adds to the delicious delirium and fits perfectly with the Orwellian nightmare that unfolds. Gallagher explains more here. Watch In Plastic below.

Purchase In Plastic and the b-side The Last Riddler (live) from Rough Trade on limited 7″. Girl Band’s 2015 album, Holding Hands With Jamie is also available if you so wish (and you should, because all the songs are about food and it’s rad.)

Girl Band are playing a few shows in July in that their US of A. Check their website for more info.

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