Godhole Vs Crozier – Anthrophobia 7″

coverBand: Godhole Vs Crozier
EP: Anthrophobia 7″
Label: Super Fi
Release date: Out now
Sounds like: White noise death throes

*Scratches head* best not to over-analyse this one. More of an artistic concept than actual music; this collaboration between Edinburgh destruction merchants Godhole and Vile Noise mastermind Crozier (note, best not to look at any of the artists on Vile Noise’s roster whilst you’re at work, unless you do work with the guitarist from Deathwank then that’s okay) has crawled from the foetid and pungent streets to say hello. Or rather, bellow a stream of cacophonous ear-bursting noise into your face. There’s no time for pleasantries or even time to catch a breath. This melding of grind and the sound of every piece of machinery in my dad’s shed switching on at once inside a metal bin is the stuff of Clive Barker-esque nightmares.

Take the 23 second opening barrage, Human Race To Destroy Itself – a track built out of feedback that crackles into the beatdown of As In Beast, So Is Man which plays on the Weekend Nachos-style grind-punk bullishness, as the drums threaten to absorb everything, whilst Crozier begins overlapping his circuit-bending shrieks, which infect and absorb like The Thing. Where’s Kurt Russell when you need him? The scrawling squeal of Punk Is Plagiarism is a teeth-rattling whirlwind of barely-structured hate, that melds nicely into a Hugh Laurie monologue (House) before slamming into the screaming turbulence of Living a Quiet Death – which is truly swamped by Crozier’s influence, brutalising and maiming this slab of grind metal.

I swear there’s a back masking message in I Built My Own Burning Stake, No One Came To Watch Me Die – the droning, spoken-word vocal chant at the beginning, the scrambled guitar riffs, the electronic-noise madness all try and hide it, but you know that something is there….which leads me to The Ape, 8 seconds of “what the fuck was that?” and we’re on to the title track, Anthrophobia, a buzzing Melvins-esque sludge first minute salvo, that morphs into a raging beast of power-grind psychotic beatdowns and raging, unsettling horror. Power violence breeds more power violence, this is stomach-churning, caustic, daemonic horror from the underground.

Listen to Anthrophobia below.



Godhole Bandcamp
Super Fi

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