Going Off – Pay the Price/Bed of Concrete

Going Off - Pay the Price/Bed of Concrete

Band: Going Off
EP: Pay the Price/Bed of Concrete
Label: Church Road Records
Release date: 6 October 2023
Sounds like: windmilling, high-fives, stage dives, crushing cans into your skull

I love how you can tell what something is going to sound like just by glancing at the artwork. So, this new release from Going Off, a band I’m not that familiar with – but I’m going to say definitely hardcore? Oh good lord yes.

From Manchester with a debut album that’s been reissued through the wonderful Church Road Records, this double A-side (EP?) follows hot on the heels of September’s Crossroads/Weak Links EP thing (and both share similar thematic artwork) and it’s savage.

The band say that Pay the Price is about violent criminal scumbags who have finally got what’s coming to them for all the horror and pain they’ve put women through. In the brief 82 seconds that make up this track, Going Off covers thrash, grind, black metal, hardcore and sludge metal with the kind of spitting, paint-stripping venom you would expect, harsh, guttural vocal rasps, buzzsaw guitars and a sickening sense of foreboding but also, oddly cleansing.

Bed of Concrete highlights the tragedy of the ever-increasing issue of homelessness and the misery it brings, with the guttural roars of “there’s so much more we can do!” backed by these treacle-thick riffs, that scratch and gore with this furious, unrestrained throttle. Brutal, wonderful and all too quick – but hey, that means you just hit that repeat button.

Going Off taps into that need for something that gets in and gets out with rapid speed – furious, scathing, acidic hardcore that takes you on a brief but wild ride.

You can trash your place to this short-sharp shock of a 2 track EP via Bandcamp below.


Going Off
Church Road Records

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