Guest Post: Jack Murray’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

jaaaackGuest post alert! Last year, Jack Murray of Bedfordshire’s finest Ratpigeon, gave us his top 10 of 2012, so it only feels right he should give us his top 10 albums of this year as well – what a guy.

10. Red Fang – Whales and Leeches (Roadrunner Records)

This is is the third album from the beer loving riff monsters with a wicked sense of humour. This is their most consistent body of work released to date.

Top track – Blood Like Cream

9. Future of the Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident (Prescriptions Music)

Fourth album from Falco and Co. Featuring bucket loads of black humour and filthy bass that we’ve come to love from the band.

Top track – Bread, Cheese, Bow and Arrow
8. Mutation – The Frankenstein Effect (Pledge Music)

One of two albums put out by this Ginger Wildheart project this year. Featuring members of Napalm Death, Hawk Eyes and many others; this is a brutal affair and far cry from Geordie in Wonderland!

Top track – Powderland

7. Axis Of – Finding St. Kilda (Smalltown America)

Debut album from this Irish three piece signed to Smalltown America. Coming across like Torche with strong Irish accents, I predict big things!

Top track – Mendelssohnstrasse

6. Exit_International – Our Science Is Golden (Pledge Music)

Second album from these Welsh weirdos and a massive step up from the first album in my opinion. Features some of the dirtiest bass sounds these ears have heard for some time!

Top track – The Creeps

5. The Bronx – The Bronx (IV) (White Drugs)

Long awaited fourth album from the US punk band. Loaded back to front with anthem after anthem.

Top track – Style Over Everything

4. The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares (One Little Indian)

Second album from these and very different to their screamy debut. This little gem contains elements of rock and roll, soul, Motown and even doo-wop.

Top track – C.R.U.E.L.

3. Hey! Hello! – Hey! Hello! (Pledge Music)

It’s Ginger Wildheart  rearing his head again! This is debut album from his new project also featuring the delightful Victoria Liedtke. Ginger plays all instruments and this contains some of his biggest choruses ever!

Top track – Black Valentine

2. Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try (Smalltown America)

Very long awaited fourth album from Derry’s finest. This was more than worth the wait and more Once Like A Spark than Backlash Cop and the high point of their career.

Top track – Beat Generation…Ha!

1. Clutch – Earth Rocker (Weathermaker)

This is their tenth album and amongst their best. This doesn’t get boring at all after many listens. Every track amazing, a stone cold classic!

Top track – Crucial Velocity

Also rocking The Machine’s stereo:

Dinosaur Pile – Up Nature Nurture

Alice In Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Kvelertak – Meir

Black Spiders – This Savage Land

Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is

Vista Chino – Peace

The Loyalties – The Death of Rock and Roll

Mutation – Error 500

Mayors of Miyazaki – Holy Cop

Antlered Man – This Devil Is Them!

Tomahawk – Oddfellows

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