Get Zombiefied with our Halloween Mixtape!

Mixtape time again, with the special theme of…..Halloween!

Nothing like a good bit of Dead Rising to start the Halloween mood off!

After last week’s exciting encounter with the god of all things horror, aka.George Romero Keep It Fast brings you a selection of terrifying tracks to sink your teeth into. So, if you’re not going out tonight, slap on some fake blood, crack open a can of cider and turn your speakers up and party like a vampire in a room full of freshly washed necks!

(Editors note: If you are unhappy about having your music displayed on this site, please read our copyright terms on the front page and e-mail us at the usual address and it will be removed. Thank you!)

1.) Rocket From The Crypt – ‘I Drink Blood’

(Surely the best rock ‘n’ roll band ever? Over the wave of fuzzed out guitars, Speedo opens up to us about his ‘vampirism.’ Bloody nora!)

2.) Send More Paramedics – ‘Zombiefied’

(Leeds-based thrashcore dead heads Send More Paramedics are the perfect band for a ghoulishly good horror-fest!)

3.) The Bronx – ‘Bats!’

(Actually, this song is more about drugs than halloween, but Matt’s scream of ‘Bats! YEAH!’ halfway through earns this track its place in the mix.)

4.) Half Japanese – ‘Vampire’

(Quite fitting for a horror mix to feature a Half Japanese track, a band who deal with the supernatural in almost all their songs!)

5.) Uncle Monsterface – ‘Count Chocula’

(This probably has more to do with cereal, but he’s a kind of vampire, right? Anyway, a band obsessed with sock puppets – pretty scary?)

6.) Wednesday 13 – ‘House By the Cemetery’

(The ghoul-tastic riff-master brings fear into the under 10’s and extreme head banging joy to everybody else.)

7.) The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – ‘Puppy Dog Snails’

(Psychobilly Goth Rock band from the England’s hell mouth Brighton slow things down and bring on a pants filler!)

8.) Rob Zombie – ‘Dragula [Hot Rod Herman Remix]

(A true horror classic which has been remixed and actually sounds better than the original!… Please don’t break my windows for saying that! )

9.) The Horrors – ‘ Death at the Chapel

(Hip-swinging, cheap organ playing and over the top barking from Faris Badwan is a must for this Hallowed night!)

10.) The Misfits – ‘ Monster Mash

(Why not use that last piece of fiendish drunken energy to shout the lyrics to this classic. All together “He did the…. “*Gonna be sick!*)

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