Hollow Truth – Prometheus Bound

Band – Hollow Truth
EP – Prometheus Bound
Label – Dead End Records
Release date – out now for free download on bancamp
Sounds like  – old school thrash bro-core

This is actually a lot less intense than I thought it would be; the Greek mythology-aping EP cover and battle metal song titles prepared me for something that would be a brutal, nonsensical slab of gnashing hate detuned-metalcore stabbings. Instead, self proclaimed ‘Bray Area Thrashers’ Hollow Truth (who hail from Dublin), cite Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags and Slayer as their main influences, all of which shine through clearly on this neat little two-tracker. Swinging from wooden rafters and being a bro are high up on the list of Hollow Truth’s aims and their righteous thrash-meets-punk crossover punches all the right faces in the pit.

Fans of Mike Muir’s crew of thrash-merchants and stalwart 80’s hardcore will find Hollow Truth an intriguing prospect..

With Sword & Salt is full of shredding riffs, played to a stamping hardcore punk beat, whilst the vocals are spat with a sneering determination. Indignation shines through more than hate – yes, Hollow Truth sound pissed, yet they sound like a fucking great band to jump around to.

The title track, Prometheus Bound, is just as high-five worthy – some killer beatdowns, coupled with Tendencies-style, acrimonious guitar work and that gruff, dogged sense of relentlessness. As a massive fan of Down I Go, having another band referencing the Greeks/ the Trojan War is always going to get in my good books, especially the lines; “the air now dark with old Troy’s dust, it’s ruin is a product of human lust”  – take THAT Helen of Troy, you massive slag.

Fans of Mike Muir’s crew of thrash-merchants and stalwart 80’s hardcore will find Hollow Truth an intriguing prospect. Their first EP, The Earth Shook – Demo MMXII is also available for free download and leans more on the side of feral, scrappy hardcore punk similar to that of Bridge 9 records. Get on it and support your local (Dublin thrash) scene.


Hollow Truth
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