An unsettling trip to the dentists

Holy MolarAnyone familiar with the acts that grace the Three One G roster (run by bassist and grand overlord of everything noisy, schizophrenic and completely insane; the one and only Justin Pearson) will have some idea of what Holy Molar sound like. You maybe in for a pleasant surprise though.

Made up of 3 parts The Locust, the drummer from Get Hustle, and the singer from Das Oath; Holy Molar are a tour-de-force of riotous noise punk. The dentist obsessed 5 piece mix a variety of styles into their “sound’; notably from bonkers sounding trance, fused with Locust-inspired punk, all the way to operatic chorus lines and deranged ramblings from vocalist Mark McMolar.

From the opening phantom-of-the-opera-style keyboard intro, and the ensuing chaos of the title track, “Cavity Search’ all the way through to the insane asylum sounding screams of “Der Werewolf Breath’ (complete with Latino string section) you can’t help but feel that Holy Molar are both destroying and recreating music at the same time.

I doubt you’ll find me a band that sounds this enthusiastic and energetic on record this year; or with such good song titles; e.g. “You’ve Had More Kids Pulled Out Of That Thing Than A Burning Orphanage.’ – Pure genius.

Proof then, that dentists are indeed out of their minds. Must stop inhaling that knockout gas.


Band – Holy Molar
Album – Cavity Search
Label – Three One G
Release – March 2007

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The EP can be purchased from Three One G records store, or Amazon.

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