Holy Molar in prison?

Holy Molar DVDWith some lazy critics claiming that “Holy Molar are just a rip off the Locust”, most people would shamelessly leave their 3″ cds aside and head for another “safe and phat” cd by the famous twat Fred Durst.

This has to be stopped! First is of course most of the members are from Punk/Experimental/Progressive band The Locust but Holy Molar are reaching to a more fun approach at music and life:

“squiggly, hacking time-signature sways, screaming post-hardcore vocals and keyboards that break with convention entirely, bonking, sputtering and blurting mid-song like Saturday-morning cartoon sound effects.”

If that is not your kind of fun then it is best to stop reading now and not watch the video that is below…

What really makes them unique is their live performance.

Video taken from the dvd “Dentist the Menace” which can be brought on the Three One G website

The band released a 7-inch in 2001, which, for all intents and purposes, documented the five-piece playing a live set at a local prison and the subsequent bloodthirsty riot that raged on afterward. Or did it? “Live at the San Diego Metropolitan Correctional Center” was where it all began.

As they fling there way from track to track you can tell that it isn’t all about hitting that perfect led zeppelin note, forget that! There is too much scrapping to be had!

From interesting insults to rolling up the audience in carpets, Holy Molar reinvented the word entertainment!

If there is one everyone has to do, it is buy the dvd, its cheap, jam packed with footage covering the band’s west coast tour consisting of tons of live footage including the first Molar show ever, people getting beat to hell, nudity, stupidity, and the infamous desert birthday party “gig”.



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