All Hope Lost: Hopesfall Call It Quits

It’s only been 5 days, but already this New Year brings sad news to the music world. Charlotte-based rockers Hopesfall, have officially thrown their instruments on the bonfire and split. To me, this is hardly surprising. The band have had more line up changes than I’ve had rejections from members of the opposite sex, and after the departure of founding guitarist Josh Brigham during the release of ‘Magnetic North‘ (the band’s 3rd album), no original members remained since their inception in 1998.


Die-hard fans often stated that the band was ‘officially dead’ after the departure of half the band and the release of ‘A-Types‘ their critically acclaimed 2nd album (a radical departure from the screaming bile-fest that was ‘The Satalite Years‘.)

According to, the band had fallen out with their label, Trustkill Records (apparently not the reason for the break up.) The split is supposedly a ‘long story’ one which the band feels they shouldn’t go into, even though numerous line up changes and tour commitment problems all possibly had an effect on the band’s future.

An unmastered version of a song left off of ‘Magnetic North‘ called ‘Saskatchewan‘ can be downloaded from their myspace. It has not been approved by Trustkill. (Actually, the untitled B-Side on the player sounds much better!)

For me, the split is sad news; Hopesfall were a band I had followed since discovering them 5 years ago, and ‘Magnetic North‘ was one of my albums of 2007. Here’s to new beginnings guys. *Raises glass*.


Live version of one of Hopesfall’s most famous tracks, ‘The Bending‘ enjoy, but please don’t windmill me in the face.



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