Isolation Tank – S/T EP

isolation_tank1Band: Isolation Tank
Label: Vetala Productions
Release date: 22 March 2015
Sounds like: A buzzing, rusty saw ripping through flesh and bone.

London beat-combo Isolation Tank are no stranger to Keep It Fast, having reviewed their split EP with fellow crackpots, Art Of Burning Water back in November last year. They haven’t mellowed at all – far from it. Their new self-titled EP is an ugly, acidic affair that is ready to corrode and chew away with bludgeoning and indignant power. Channelling waves of unrelenting noise through just a guitar and a drum kit, Isolation Tank are fucking pissed at everything. There’s a raw, bleeding feel to this EP – mainly down to the production, which is a scathing tidal of crashing hate and damaged feedback. Opening track, Stronger Than God is raging power-violence that is total head-bang destruction – anger and turbulent passion smashed into your face through a barrage of mangled chords and crushing drumbeats. Empty Hands attacks like a rabid dog; it’s foetid and stagnant sound is a riff-armageddon of bone-splintering noise and chest-beating belligerence.

Bleat Obedience is a black-metal-meets-white-noise spit of bellowing fury – the blunt aggression is seething and boils with consuming disgust and a crust-punk edge of thrashing, stage-diving chaos. Final track, bursts out of the ooze like some swamp-covered creature from hell, dragging itself towards you. I Wish To Expire, is a part stoner-rock, part doom-metal dirge that builds and builds into agitated convulsion of horror and loathing. Everything goes very sludge-metal towards the end, as the decaying riffs hack away with clumsy, yet deadly precision and the vocals morph into a banshee roar of throat-scrapping hostility.

Coming to a venue near you soon – Isolation Tank, bringing the thunder, the riffs and the blight. Download their self-titled EP below or go to one of their shows and purchase it on cassette so they have some beer money.


Isolation Tank
Vetala Productions

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