Jack Murray’s top 10 albums of 2020

Instead of being stuck in his house and eating a huge pyramid of Ferrero Rocher, Jack Murray has been listening to excellent music this year, resulting in this, his top 10 albums of 2020!

10. Shuck – Petrichor and Rainbows

This debut from the sludge-punk band mixes rumbling bass, thunderous drums and an odd sense of pop in the same way Big Business do so well.

Top track: Millions

9. Fire In The Radio – Monuments

This wide-eyed punk rock from Philadelphia comes off like a combination of Japandroids,Jawbreaker and The Cure (at their most upbeat).

Top track: Gravity

8. Kvelertak – Splid

The fourth album from the Norwegian is the first to contain new singer Ivar Nikolaisen and drummer Havard takle ohr and is probably my favourite since their self-titled debut.

Top track Fanden ta Dette Hull!

7. Phoxjaw – Royal Swan

This Bristol based band have a truly original sound. A melting pot of things that sound of things that should not work but do. A sound that would appeal to fans of both Deftones and The killers.

Top track: Teething

6. Bob Mould – Blue Hearts

This follow-up to last year’s fantastic Sunshine Rock proves that the ‘Godfather of alt-rock’ is still very much at the top of his game.

Top track: Everything To You

5. Deftones – Ohms

Deftones are being Deftones here and being very good at it. The album is sequenced perfectly and has a career-best performance from keyboardist/turntablist man Frank Delgado.

Top track: Urantia

4. Hum – Inlet

The first album in 22 years from this influential ‘space rock’ band did not disappoint. This is wonderfully produced,dynamic and fitting of the bands legacy.

Top track: Step Into You

3. Watertank – Silent Running

On this forth album the band explore influences as far reaching as post-hardcore,post punk,shoegaze and even synth-pop to fantastic results.

Top track: Cryptobiosis

2. Entropy – Liminal

I knew when I read the bands bio that this was gonna be right up my street: ‘Husker du meets Helmet meets Torche.‘ Take my money!

Top track: Balancing The Edges

  1. Spanish Love Songs – Brave Faces Everyone

This album came out early in the year and I had a feeling it would take my top spot then. This contains some of the most rabble-rousing choruses of the year, as well as some of the bleakest and honest lyrics, heard in some time.

Top track: Routine Pain

Top work, Jack! Thanks for another excellent top 10.

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