Jackson Murray’s top 10 Albums of 2021

10. Demons – Privation

Virginia punk band Demons have a hard-hitting sound that brings to mind the Bronx through a noise rock filter.

Favourite track – Lever

9. Death By Unga Bunga – Heavy Male Insecurity

This Norwegian band have a sound that sits somewhere between 70’s power-pop and 90’s pop punk.

Favourite track – My Buddy and Me

8. Our Man In The Bronze Age – Hexed Endeavours

This Milton Keynes based multi-instrumentalist band comes over like a mix of QOTSA,Soundgarden and (Jupiter era) Cave in.

Favourite track – Midnight Lovers

7. The Bronx – S/T

This is the 6th album from the most consistent band in modern punk. Nothing they haven’t done before, but done to a high standard.

Favourite track – Superbloom

6. The Armed – Ultrapop

This band manage to mix hardcore,noise,pop and lots more together to a devastating affect. Chaotic stuff!

Favourite track – An Iteration

5. Bokassa – Molotov Rocktail

This 3rd album from the Norwegian stoner punks is their strongest collection of songs yet. Proper haircuts, proper beer-drinking music, a great bunch of lads.

Favourite track – Godless

4. The Dirty Nil – Fuck Art

Despite the Canadian pop-rock band cheekily putting this album out on January 1st, this definitely feels like an album for the summer.

Favourite track – Blunt Force Concussion

3. Quicksand – Distant Populations

This fourth album from the influential post-hardcore band only reinforces their legacy, despite being their first as a 3 piece.

Favourite track – Lightning Field

2. The Wildhearts – 20th Century Love Songs

This album from the Britrock legends continues the form they were on Renaissance Men. Banger after banger.

Favourite track – Sleepaway

1. Turnstile – Glow On

This album sees the American ‘hardcore’ band truly rip up the rule book and create album that is incredibly diverse yet cohesive.

Favourite track – Holiday

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