Calling all Potter fans, Johhn Quiz is in town!

Johhn Quiz and the Electro Funk Compendium at the Queens Pub, HullWhen you think about University a few things come to mind: staying in bed until the afternoon eating a boiled egg and soliders, whilst sipping your tea and watching bargain hunt; to drinking your body weight in cheap ‘monkey juice’ and having a sweet smoke until you are sick.

But one thing that does seem to drift over peoples heads are all the pretentious bands that appeared. Maybe it was just because it was the grand year of 2002, but there was a smell in the air and it wasn’t from the local pipes going off again.

From the locals trying to wring out a few dry Stereophonics covers to The UK subs still playing; something had to be done… Then it happened to the good people of Hull!

Johhn Quiz and the Electro Funk Compendium appeared from the high floors of the university campus. As drunken lyrics were written, the team started to gather a small fan base with there song about being obsessed with cakes and finding out who ‘Mike’ was. They knew that they could show Hull what they were about!

‘Battenburg! Muffin, Muffin!’ seemed to be good chants in the campus but they needed to hit the big town with some new tunes.

The team decided to move into a house together and started to kick up a music storm!

Johhn Quiz and the Electro Funk Compendium consisted of:
* Steve shouting his little heart out
* Mark with his funky blues and upbeat riffs
* Jason getting his wicked way on the bass
* Al bashing the drums like a robot

jq-t-2.jpgThe group only played three times to the general public, but each time the support became stronger, the crowds bigger and the enthusiasm more manic. However, there was one particular fan who just couldn’t get enough. For the purpose of his identity we will call him Graham.

During this time the band warmed to a very hairy gentleman named Shane. This fuzzy muse would spend his time sitting around in his boxer shorts and dribbling over cats having “fun” with themselves.

Some people would be sickened by this, but Johhn Quiz knew it would have to be sung about.

The Johhn Quiz would alsodress up for their shows, a highlight being for their halloween special. (Scare-tastic!)

Their sound ranged from upbeat ska/blues to amusing but slightly deranged lyrics that would put smiles on the fans faces, especially Shane’s, although there were a few threats that he would throw down some punches if they kept singing about him.

Some of the lyics incuded:
“Hey Shane! Leave those cats alone”
“No one wants to see your log”
“Its just the children that you scare…. And wear some fucking pants!”

Keep it fast have managed to find a mp3 of one of their highlights named “Potter” Enjoy!

If you like this tune then check out these areas in which their music was used for… Or their rants:
* skeletors bakery
* skeletors bakery 2
* The LADS “inner shane”
* The Lads XMAS
* Jimmy Milk

* Just to let you know that Johhn Quiz is the correct spelling for the band (extra h is for handsome!). So if you went to Hull and mentioned the famous John Quiz they may just beat you down with shopping bags. *


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