Best News Ever Alert: Speedo Returns!

John One of the greatest frontmen and guitarists of all time (and my personal hero), John ‘Speedo’ Reis of Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu and The Sultans, is to start a new band, called…………. Speedo! This new and very exciting sounding project will feature former Hot Snakes drummer Jason Kourkounis (Jason drummed on ‘Automatic Midnight‘ and ‘Suicide Invoice‘) bassist Gar Wood and Tommy Kitsos from punk band CPC Gangbangs. This news comes hot from the Swami records (Reis’s label) message board, and reads as follows:

“The sound is a combonation of everything I’ve been a part of dating back to my prepubescent days in Pitchfork. Similar to Hot Snakes but not as sinister yet still maintaining some of the drama and subsonic boom. Akin to the rockin’ fun of RFTC but without the same kind of riffery. Like the Sultans but not as straightforward yet still maintaining the sense of melody and pop of the 2nd record. Occassional nods to the Flamin’ Groovies, Real Kids, Byrds, boogie rock era Status Quo, Bo Diddley, Chess Records in general, Wipers, Michael Yonkers and Shuggie Otis are evident to me.”

Holy. Shit. This is going to be the most exciting and eagerly awaited release of the year, that’s fo’ sure! The band has already made plans to play in Reis’s home town of San Diego this September. I for one, cannot wait to hear what this melting pot of brilliance sounds like. Long live Speedo!

In other Swami/Reis related news, an official DVD release of Rocket From The Crypt’s last show on Halloween 31/10/2005 is in progress. Also, several raw versions of Rocket tracks taken from their self-titled and Group Sounds’ effort have been discovered; however a release date had not been confirmed.

Click on the play button below to view a live vid of Rocket From The Crypt and go buy all their records: now. GO! QUICKLY!!!!

Rocket From The Crypt – Boychucker taken at their last ever show. Video by Gariss


News source: Punk News and Musicblog UGO.

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