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Apologies for lack of new material but due to it being christmas, we at KIF towers have been ‘holding fire’ with updates. Anyway, here’s a post to tide you over, happy new year!

With the new year just around the corner (I see you… *fires sniper rifle*) it’s time for my ‘ones to watch’ or ‘bands you should listen to, otherwise you’re a musically challenged individual and are not worthy of my time’ spiel. You may recognise some of the bands I mention (some I constantly champion on a regular basis, even screaming their name at people in the street) you may not. Let’s do this.

Rolo Tomassi

Sheffield’s Rolo Tomassi have to be one of the most consistent bands I’ve seen. Ruthless touring schedules, chaotic live performances, broken keyboards and boundless enthusiasm and energy, the 5 piece are practically unstoppable. Their debut self-titled EP was a favourite of mine and hopefully some more material will emerge in the form of their debut in the new year. From the new tracks I heard recently, it’s going to blow minds.

(Their self-titled EP can be purchased with an extra track from Holy Roar Records)


I still think this is the best band name ever. It makes me think of Batman. Scottish sextet Dananananaykroyd have been making quite a name for themselves on the underground circuit. Their discordant post-punk meets Black Flag guitar-thrash is catchy as hell and songs such as the explosive ‘Song 1 Puzzle’ and the jangly ‘Totally Bone!‘ burrow their way into your cranium like fleshborer worms (Warhammer reference, don’t worry!) Plus, they have 2 drummers; nice. Expect a mini album release in 2008 on Jealous records.

(‘Sissy Hits’ will be available via Jealous Records in January 2008. The single ‘Some Dresses’ is still available for purchase.)


Erratic guitars, stop-start riffs, odd shrieking and sporadic punk influences; Ireland’s BATS are a riotous act and no mistake. They’ve recently released their first Ep, entitled ‘Cruel Sea Scientist‘ on independent label Armed Ambitions and have toured with The Locust, Liars and Down I Go to name a few. If you like the sound of early ‘Trail of Dead playing faster with an Irish twang, then BATS should be in your record collection.

(‘Cruel Sea Scientist’ can be purchased from the band’s website)

Foxy Shazam

I was introduced to Foxy by a friend (thanks Steve!) and was blown away by their energy and passion. Normally this kind of ‘wacky sounding’ music makes me want to cut my ears off, but this is something special. They sound like a circus rock and roll band abusing a piano, whilst their singer croons/screams/chants himself hoarse over the cacophony of musical banter. Imagine a clean version of Turbonegro. They are set to start a tour of America through January and February, fingers crossed they come to our fair shores. Dance-tastic.

(‘Introducing Foxy’ is released in January 2008 on New Weatherman/Ferret Records)

Meet Me In St. Louis

Despite the problem of losing their singer (Toby left the band at the end of November), Meet Me In St. Louis are soldiering on and so they damn well should! (song in-joke.) Since the release of their ‘Variations on Swing’ debut, they’ve toured their faces off and are in the process of auditioning for a new vocalist as well as playing several gigs as an instrumental 4 piece. Look out for the jagged sounding, hyperactive rock machine at your local toilet circuit, even though they deserve greater and bigger rewards.

(‘Variations on Swing’ can be purchased from Big Scary Monsters records)

Beestung Lips

I discovered Beestung Lips after hearing the track ‘Men Not Worth Their Weight In Words‘ from a Rock Sound cover CD. This band ooze punk from their veins. It’s a furious rush of fast-paced hardcore rock that gives nods towards the low-fi scuzz scramblings of Jesse F. Keeler’s Femme Fatale as well as the sheer punk rock intensity of Hot Snakes and the abrasive noise of Jesus Lizard. With an EP out on Capsule Records and a trip over to the UK in March, this is one band you want to be stung by.

(The EP ‘Songs to and from the Iron Gut’ can be bought from Capsule Records here.)

By Ross Macdonald

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