Tis the season to be offended with kunt and the gang!

Tis the season to be offended with kunt and the gang!As I belly flop onto my settee like it was my early coffin from all the drink I have consumed over the weekend in Leeds, I slowly reach to my controller to flick the tv on and be confronted with the coca cola advert with the red trucks… This could only mean one thing.. I have either died happy and gone into a land of tv adverts I liked as a kid, or it is that time of year again.. CHRISTMAS!!

Along with the mass amount of booze and salty lardy grub we stuff down our throats, we also get a nice chance to watch some master pieces such as Jurassic Park and Jingle all the way! Then there are all the tunes.. So many revamps of old classics covered by such shite as boyzone, it makes you want to throw up your turkey. But there is hope! No no not Cliff Richard, the Essex duo, Kunt and the Gang.

Kunt is now holding the electronic pop touch such as other Essex legends Depeche Mode and Yazoo have done in the past.

Since the band released their debut album ‘I Have A Little Wank And I Have A Little Cry’ in 2005 on indie label Disco Minge Records, they have been on the road ever since showing that no place is too big or small. From pubs to clubs and even supporting scum such as babyshambles, they really will do anything.

The band are well known for their risque lyrical content, dealing with many taboo subjects including masturbation and their fantasy to engage in sexual intercourse with Carol Vorderman, co-host of Channel 4’s Countdown programme.

But in front of all of that they have just released a Christmas cd!

It is a 4 track festive treat that Santa will be emptying his Christmas sack over!

The track names are as follows:
All I want for Christmas is you (to bring me off)
Santa’s sack
This Christmas
Come on Cliff, admit you’re queer

By going onto the official website you can buy the cd, with a personal signing for £2!! How grand is that? Well to temped you even more you can have a listen to the first track All I want for Christmas is you (to bring me off). Enjoy!

We have also interviewed Kunt and the Gang which you can read by clicking here!


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