and now for a special christmas announcement

Kunt and the gang christmas message!Just before you down that pint of sherry and accidentally open your Mothers ‘special’ present that burns the back of your retinas out we want to congratulate Kunt and the Gang!

Since our Christmas introduction post to the cheeky chaps last year, they have been the most popular post by far!

We spoke to Kunt and this is what he would like to say to all his fans:

“I would like to thanks all the fans that have kept me at the top spot this year, especially any of them who are fit birds and i would like to give them a special personal thank you by offloading some love on to their knockers should i ever meet them in person.

To celebrate we have a completely non festive but funny as fuck song / video enjoy!


Why not shove these up your stocking!

Original introduction post
Interview with the duo
Their Kunt-space!


I like nothing more then eating caviar, riding around in my speedboat and having money fights with all the cash I have..

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