Johnny Quest Thinks We Re-release Our Old Albums

Hey everybody do you like:

1) Wearing Hawaiian shirts all the time, even when it’s -25 and raining like a bastard?

2) Saying “pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, yo!” and dancing like a coked up windmill?

3) An abundance of trumpets/trombones/saxamaphones in your music?

4) Bands with ‘wacky’ tripled barreled names and songs about travelling?

Well then you will be pleased to hear that Gainesville ska punk metalheads, Less Than Jake are re-releasing their back catalogue through the record label Cooking Vinyl and their own label, Sleep It Off Records. So if you missed getting hold of their first album ‘Loser Kings and Things We Don’t Understand‘ like I did, you can buy it now (released 3 days ago) with all new brand-spanking artwork and a bonus dvd (which I think features footage of the album being played in it’s entirety.) Also, ‘Pezcore‘, the b-sides album ‘Goodbye Blue and White‘ and the DVD entitled ‘A People’s History of Less Than Jake‘ will see full re-release.

Less Than Jake - On Yer Marks…

The band are apparently working on their 9th studio album (I know, pretty impressive for a band that sing about pez, leaving towns behind and some guy called Mike) which, according to punknews will combine ‘third wave ska and pop-punk in each song.’ Hmmm… we shall see. Seriously though, I can’t help but feel a little excited about this; I mean anything has to be an improvement on the songs I heard from ‘In With The Out Crowd‘ – urgh.


Here’s some footage of Less Than Jake playing ‘My Own Flag‘ at Reading Festival 2002 (yeah, I was there….)



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Cooking Vinyl
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By Ross Macdonald with help from punk news.

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