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Totally Cool Single Reviews!In Mad Mac’s absence (direct quote from the man: “I’m never, ever listening to music ever again“) I’m taking over the mantle (for this month) and giving you, the Keep It Fast readers, the low-down on some of the new singles in the rock world. In the words of Marcus Fenix from Gears of War, LET’S DO THIS!

Hundred Reasons – No Way Back (V2)

Grey, faceless, emotionally vapid and about as interesting as listening to a party political conference talk by the Lib Dems; Hundred Reasons limp back on to the scene with this rather unimpressive new single. Taken from their fourth album, ‘Quick the Word, Sharp the Action’ (which possibly has the worst artwork ever, worse than any of these) everything that made them interesting on their early EPs and even on their debut is lost beneath this tired and lethargic return. Even the band sound incredibly bored (especially vocalist Colin, who seems to lack his usual enthusiastic and spirited singing voice), despite the quite care-free and pleasant nature of this track. Let’s hope that the rest of the album is a step up from this. Plodding post-hardcore rock by numbers.

(Track available for free download from V2 website or from iTunes as download single of the week.)

Los Campesinos! – The International Tweecore Underground (Wichita)

This may be surprising, but this is the first time I’ve heard a Los Campesinos! song. Yeah, yeah I know “where the fuck have I been?” I’ll admit it, I feel a bit of twit. This welsh 7 piece are seriously entertaining. Imagine a faster, less squeaky sounding Bearsuit with a chorus that gets lodged in the brain, as the dueling boy/girl vocals try desperately to out do each other in some bizarre indie kid argument. Absolutely fantastic, a magical listening experience. Smart, attention grabbing pop music.

Jimmy Eat World – Big Casino (Interscope)

Straight outta emo-ville, Jimmy Eat World bounces back on to the scene with ‘Big Casino‘, the first single from their new album, ‘Chase This Light.’ Like all JEW releases, it’s a warm sounding, guitar-heavy blast of uplifting anthemic rock. Imagine the louder moments of ‘Bleed American‘-era Jimmy with the soft harmonies of the ‘Futures‘ album. ‘Big Casino‘ slots somewhere in the middle as valuable arsenal to JEW’s impressive singles collection.

Funeral For A Friend – The Great Wide Open (Atlantic Records)

Copping out a bit eh? At least 3 mainstream-ish bands in this round up? Yeah I know, whatever. Ah it’s the Welsh darlings, Funeral For A Friend. Whereas Jimmy Eat World make this kind of ‘College rock’ interesting and relevant, the boys from Bridgend make it seem about as interesting as working for a pipe-bursting company (I should know.) I realise that the band have changed their style from the noisy hardcore sounds of their debut and their Eps, but this smacks so much of radio-friendly bollocks it’s practically unbearable. All this from a band I used to hold in such high regard as well – disappointing. I guess we’re moving in different directions now.

Gay For Johnny Depp – You Have A Theory, I Have A Gun (Captains of Industry)

Admit it – who isn’t Gay For Johnny Depp, eh? Homo-erotic hardcore splatter hits the fan as everyone’s favourite New York punkers explode back on to the scene. Spazzcore shrieks from vocalist Marty Leopard, tight-as-fuck guitars and a disgustingly erosive rhythm section, GFJD pulverise their sound into your ass. Redefining the hardcore sound has never sounded so sexy.

3 Inches of Blood – Trial of Champions (Roadrunner)

Metal-tastic sextet 3 Inches of Blood are here to save the lives of down-trodded Games Workshop geeks once and for all! ‘Trial of Champions‘, an exclusive EP release from their new album, ‘Fire Up The Blades‘ is Judas Priest-meets-Warhammer with more screams than the fires of hell. Whether it’s my speakers playing tricks, but at one point the guitars sound almost like keyboards; only adding to the over-the-top metal attack of duel vocalists Cam Pipes (yes, really) and Jamie Hooper. One squeals like a burns victim, the other growls like a wounded beast, which is all completed by a rather ridiculously good guitar solo at the halfway point. Amazing.


Hundred Reasons new album ‘Quick the Word, Sharp the Action‘ is out now on V2 Records. Video for single can be seen here.

Los Campesinos! artist page on Wichita can be found here.

Jimmy Eat World’s new album ‘Chase This Light‘ is out now and can be found here.

Funeral For A Friend’s ‘Great Wide Open‘ EP can be bought through their official site.

Gay For Johnny Depp’s new album ‘The Politics of Cruelty‘ can be pre-ordered from the Captains of Industry website.

3 Inches of Blood’s ‘The Trail of Champions‘ EP is out now and can be bought here.

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