The epileptic video nightmare award goes to: Lightning bolt

Lightning Bolt: 13 Monsters!In celebration of the British creating a Olympic logo that is given everybody epileptic fits when displayed to the world, I have been trying to look up a video that would make you dance the whole night but also may give you a small turn.

*please note that when I use the term “British” I actually mean just the company known as Wolff Olins, the rest of us just wasn’t ready for the treat!

After giving up trying to find the classic trance pot noodle advert from the 90’s, I started to go for a easy option such as anything from The Art of Noise….

Then I remembered something.. A video.. A video that would make even the strongest of men feel a little funny in their rock-like stomachs and thus not finishing off their 3rd fry up in the morning.

So my choice on behalf of the keep it fast team is the video 13 monsters by the almighty noise rock band, Lightning Bolt!

The song doesn’t kick in for about 50 seconds, but then you will see what I mean!


If you want to sing along, below is the lyrics, Enjoy!

1 2 3 4 we must lock the door
5 6 7 8 we must evacuate
9 10 11 12 we must prepare for
13 monsters
13 monsters

If you know of any wild music videos that could beat this spasm-inducing treat then contact us.

Keep posted to read up on a feature on this gem of a band in the near future!


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