Lightning Strikes – new track from Rhode Island’s finest

The guy in the white t-shirt = my heroWhat we need is some really fucking harsh noise, right? Also, lyrics? Who needs them? All you really need is some maniac who wears a mutilated ski-mask with a telephone-microphone jammed inside his gob, bashing the shit out of a drum kit and a bass player, who’s tuned his instrument to that of a giant bow-stringed instrument and a truck-load of effects pedals.

Thank god then that Lightning Bolt have released a new track. Music-website-in-the-know aka, Pitchfork, premiered the track on Monday and it’s available for free download! The track, ‘Colossus’ is from their new album, ‘Earthly Delights’, which will be released (or no doubt file-shared long before) on the 13th October via Load Records. The artwork (see Pitchfork site) is predictably insane, coming across as a load of multi-coloured vomit covering a Jackson Pollock, with some flowers stamped over it for good measure. Excellent work! Tracklist (taken from their myspace blog):

1. Sound Guardians
2. Nation of Boar
3. Colossus
4. The Sublime Freak
5. Flooded Chamber
6. Funny Farm
7. Rain on Lake I’m Swimming in
8. S.O.S
9. Transmissionary

Shit, I can’t tell you how much I want to hear ‘Sound Guardians’; that’s easily the best name for a track in the history of ever.

Does ‘Colossus’ sound different from their previous work? Well, it’s certainly much more sinister. It would appear the two Brian’s have been indulging in Kyuss and Fu Manchu albums, as the vibe is one of stoner-noise rock, that stamps and staggers with all the grace and dexterity of a wounded mammoth. Chippendale’s voice is lost in the haze of droning bass and pounding drums, breaking through every so often in the form of an unhinged Gregorian chant that echoes with churning dread. At about 5 minutes in, ‘Colossus’ starts to feel really chewy and thick, the bass is distorted to that of almost inaudible mush, hanging between the boundaries of ‘someone’s left the washing machine on’ to ‘hey, you’re bass sounds a tad clunky mate.’ The driving build at the end, which fails to explode, is reminiscent of the sudden cut-off as seen on ‘No Rest For The Obsessed’ from 2005’s ‘Hypermagic Mountain’.

Stream/download/go out of your gourd to ‘Colossus’ here.


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