Lizzard/Ex Wives/Perfect Teeth – inbox round-up

Ex WivesThis week in music we discover French rockers Lizzard and their sleazy, hangover-curing tones, a young Tom Jones dancing to Shellac fed through an insanity grinder and how punk rock can help you have a dazzling Hollywood smile.

Band: Ex Wives
Song: Hoors
Label: Radio Is Down
Sounds like: A series of fits.

Ex Wives  seem like a fucking riot. Glasgow-based, their mischievous band bio (where they state that Ex Wives are two-divorced women and a drum machine) and presence on the Internet is laced with a hefty helping of loathing and black-humoured wisecracks. Oh the music, right. Hoors is over three minutes of disjointed, angular, nasty punk rock. It’s a jarring, caterwaul of noise, similar to The Austerity Program; Ex Wives churn out a frothing, callous sound – from the opening guitar strangulations, to the thumping bass and the choppy, disgruntled finish, it’s a barbed and sinister listening experience.

Those wishing to partake in this chewed-up descent into madness can purchase Hoors on Cassette (limited to 69 in delightful gonorrhoea yellow) and also receive a free gift from the band (gifts have ranged from a spanner with ‘king dick’ engraved on it, cock-flavoured soup mix, a couple of jet gliders, spiderman mask and a small bag that possibly contain pubes).

Brilliant stuff, give Ex Wives your attention, they rule  hard. Watch Tom Jones lose his SHIT and purchase Hoors from their bandcamp. Apparently, the EP cover was found on the street. Dark.

Band: Lizzard
Song: The Roots Within
Label: Klonosphere
Sounds like: Iguana rock.

France’s Lizzard are an exciting and intriguing concept. The Roots Within is the first single to be released from their second album, Majestic and it’s an interesting ride and expression of terrific instrumentation and experimentation. It starts off with a strutting, stoner-rock gait, similar to sadly defunct Norwegian rockers, Span (remember those guys?) with warm, crunching guitar tones (courtesy of vocalist Mathieu Ricou) and a terrific, lurching rhythm section. Around the 3 minute mark, Lizzard’s sound shifts from the Clutch-worshipping bong-times and embraces a Led Zeppelin, classic rock vibe before twisting into a psychedelic breakdown of sprawling, head-banging riffs.

Credit to Ricou, who has a deep, soulful tone with a slight Neil-Fallon edge to his vocals, which suit Lizzard’s progressive and ever-shifting sound through the passageways of stoner, metal and hard rock.

Band: Perfect Teeth
Song: Find Your Words
Label: None
Sounds like: How Jeffry Dahmer feels. Not smiling at me.

Wear your heart on your sleeve, lads. Perfect Teeth are from Pennsylvania and assuming from their name, have lovely pearly white gnashers. Emotive punk rock to touch that organ that beats inside your chest, there’s depth and a sense of melancholy about Find Your Words, alongside some beautiful-sounding, melodic indie rock moments and the hook-laden chorus. Whilst rough around the edges, this demo is a promising slice of Perfect Teeth’s pop-punk sensibilities and you can download it for free from their bandcamp right now.


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