Mad Mac 666: Number of the Beast!

The sixth installment of the Mad Mac series (both the Orchestra and Beer Festival reviews are not canon) and probably/hopefully one of the best. Last time saw positive thumbs up to both The Thermals and William Elliott Whitmore. Hopefully this devil-worthy edition will put a stop to that constructive and helpful feedback and focus on what we all enjoy: crushing nepotism.

Rancid ”“ Last One To Die (Hellcat)

I felt this was very seventies rock and roll. The lyrics which seemed to make very little sense (nothing new there) could be heard clearly over the music.  The musicians seemed to be able to play and I did not feel they were making it up as they went along. I think I like this track and it would grow on you, but not perhaps at grannies birthday party.


I wonder what Tim Armstrong would say to Rancid being described as 70s rock n roll?

Passion Pit ”“ Moths Wings (Columbia/French Kiss)

Nice sound and a nice beat – good for dancing to. Lyrics are difficult to follow but perhaps that is intended. The vocalist seemed to be able to sing and he should have been closer to the mike with the backing band further away. Would I buy it? No. Would I get up a do dad dancing to it? Probably.

The Mars Votla ”“ Halo of Nembutals (Warner Bros/Mercury)

This I do not feel is a dance number, it is more for listening to after you have taken a shot of something or smoked some funny baccy. You can nod aimlessly to the indistinguishable nonsensical lyrics through a haze of something illegal. I kept waiting for it to get better – it didn’t.  I will not be putting this on my Christmas list unless I used it as a shaving mirror.

Eyedea & Abilities ”“ This Story (Rhymesayers)

This is yet another monotonous rap number where a number of unrelated sentences are stitched together with background music. The only talent required for this is to be able to talk fast, in a manner that sounds like you are making it up as you go along. Do I care what the lyrics are? Do I care if I hear it again? Is there anything to distinguish this number from any of the other rap numbers?  I think you can guess the answer.

The Gay Blades ”“ Hey She Say (Triple Crown Records)

Of the six numbers on the selection this had the best instrumentals. This is a number to frenetically dance to. Not bad, I wouldn’t mind hearing this again, next year would be soon enough.


great scott marty, someone's left the door open!

Next Life ”“ Sol Blade (Fysisk Format)

What a cacophony of noise. I thought they were tuning up, then I thought the CD player was acting up, then I cleaned the disc. It did not make any difference, it was still a wall of noise. The only reason I can see for buying this is to play it loudly to annoy your neighbours, it would certainly do the trick unless they were stone deaf or dead. Death would be a happy release after listening to this number.


Rancid, the band that’s more punk than the UK Subs and The Exploited put together, have released their 7th album  ‘Let The Dominoes Fall’ through Hellcat/Epitaph Records.

Passion Pit’s debut ‘Manners‘ is out on Columbia and French Kiss Records. The band are currently on a massive world tour from 9th August to the 18th November. Blimey.

The Mars Volta and their wacky musical train of nonsense have released ‘Octahedron‘ via Warner Bros and Mercury.

Eyedea & Abilities released ‘By The Throat’ last week on Rhymesayers.

The Gay Blades debut ‘Ghosts‘ is available through Triple Crown Records.

The excellent cacophony of noise that is Next Life have released their 2nd album ‘The Lost Age’ via Fysisk Format.

(Also, apologies for the lack of updates over the last 10 days or so. I’ve been ill with the swine flu and sitting at a computer listening to the sound of guitars being beaten against drums made my head want to explode like that scene in Scanners. Standby for a Future of the Left album review, something about NOFX and some other gubbins.)

Intro – Ross
Words – Mad Mac

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