Mad Mac 8: So Very Tired Of Title Puns

Bomb the music Industry ”“ Planning My DeathBlolmb The Music Industry more like, AM I RIGHT GUYSSSS????!

When I started this track I wondered if the player had malfunctioned; it reminded me of the olden days when you could play a 33rpm vinyl at 48rpm.  This manic sound made me think they were a comedy band. It seemed that they did have some instrumentalist who could actually play. The vocalist’s voice sounded as rough as a bears arse, as he screamed into the poor defenseless mike.  I can imagine a sweat filled stage with half naked performers playing and screaming into the microphone, while a room full of sweating bodies gyrates at a manic pace. I would clearly wish to be somewhere else. With luck I will not find this in my Christmas stocking.

I Made This Mistake ”“ Billboards

The name of this group is what I did when I started this number. I thought I might actually like it, alas this was not to be so. Nice opening instrumentals were spoiled by the nonsensical vocalist words that made me think the player had jumped a track.  I attempted to understand the lyrics, sadly I failed, the pace and mood of the number seemed mystifying as to what it was trying to be. Listening to this was a bit like banging your head against a brick wall; nice when you stop.

Los Campesinos! ”“ There are Listed Buildings

I quite liked the tune ”“ I also felt I would like the number but as it progressed I felt no, it would not be going onto my Christmas list to Santa.  The vocalist spoke the words rather than singing them and it seemed to be a race with the backing as to who could drown the other first.  I would have liked it to have been the group then they could get some meaningful lyrics instead of the chant I listened to. The tune was OK not happy about the overall sound.

The Album Leaf ”“ Falling from the Sun

A nice gentle number make nice background music for the car. The singers are in harmony with the group – a good number to finish off, at the end of the evening so that sweaty bodies can glue themselves together with the promise of more fun later.  I did like this one better than any of the others, I would not buy it, but I would listen to someone else’s copy.

Errors ”“ Bridge Or Cloud

This instrumental number took almost 2 minutes to finish the intro. I kept waiting for it to start. At over 5 minutes this number is 5 minutes too long. It reminded me of a background to a very poor film, slightly one step up from lift music.  You can imagine when this one starts everyone rushes to the bar as they have 5 minutes to get the beers in.

The Besnard Lakes ”“ Albatross

Another pleasant number this. The singer seems to be able to really sing and not shout and scream into the mic.  The instrumentalists could actually play their instruments without drowning the singer, and in fact complementing her. The tune was a bit monotonous but I quite liked it.  I would not buy it, but I would listen to more of their music to see if they were a one trick pony.


Bomb The Music Industry released (or made available if you’d prefer!) their most recent album through Quote Unquote Records. All tracks are available to download for free from their label’s website.

I Made This Mistake’s most recent album ‘Bow and Quiver‘ is available from Bermuda Mohawk Productions. Great album cover alert btw.

Los Campesinos! released their 3rd album ‘Romance Is Boring‘ near the end of January and can be bought from the Wichita site here.

A Chorus of Storytellers‘ by The Album Leaf is available from Sub Pop now, plus several free Mp3s if you want to try before you buy.

Errors recently released their second album ‘Come Down With Me‘ through Rock Action.

The Besnard Lakes third album, ‘The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night‘ was released on the 10th March through Jagjaguwar and the track ‘Albatross‘ was a free download on iTunes a few weeks back.

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