Mad Mac 9: On Vacation

This week, Mad Mac takes on By Surprise, Cobra Skulls, Cold Cave, Mogwai, My Heart To Joy and Old Man Markley.

By Surprise – Realometer

Good opening instrumental but sadly it morphed into a repetitive dreary lyrics that I could not wait to hear the end of. I feel that if this is typical of these artists material then please do not make any more recordings.

Cobra Skulls – Hot Sand

Good instrumentals but the vocalist could have done with a day off  I found his shouting down the mike irritating  he shouted white hot sand but apart from the title seemed to have no meaning. The overall sound seemed to be a cacophony of sound was I felt best heard in the background as far back as possible.

Cold Cave – The Great Pan is Dead

The wall of noise from the instruments drowned out the vocalist as if they were competing with him and winning.  Best heard after seven pints of beer late at night just as I leave to go home.

Mogwai – San Pedro

This dissonance  of noise gave me GBH  of the ears. After a very long intro I was waiting for it to start. I found the repetitiveness about as interesting as lift music, or the music you hear on the phone, as some disinterested person tells you your call is important to them and they will connect you as soon as possible.

My Heart to Joy – Steady Habits

This track is a lot like others I have heard and I did not like them either. It would be very nice if at some time a group would have a vocalist who could actually sing and not shout into the mike, like a football manager shouting instructions to a losing team.

Old Man Markley – Guts And Teeth

Of the whole selection in this set I liked the number with the improbable title of “Guts and Teeth” the best.  Several literary allusions in this number I could see this being a popular track.


Mogwai‘s new album ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will‘ is out now through Rock Action and Sub Pop.

Guts N Teeth’ by Old Man Markley is available from Fat Wreck Chords.

My Heart To Joy have quietly put the band to rest after 5 years and will be playing 2 farewell shows in March and May.

Hot Sand‘ is from ‘Bringing the War Home’ the new EP from Cobra Skulls, released also through Fat Wreck Chords

Cold Cave release ‘Cherish The Light Years’ through Matador Records on the 5th April.

By Mad Mac

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