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This week: Gay against you‘s self titled EP.

Mad Mac is not pleased with the sounds of Gay against you… Are you?This new section features a well known technique called ‘copying.’ For this I owe my services to the masters of late night Channel 4 comedy, Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, aka creators of The Adam And Joe Show. Remember Baaad Dad from the show? Well, I’ve sort of ‘borrowed’ that idea, and got my father to scribble some notes down about this week’s band. Yes, for once, my dad will have listened to some music that was released pre 1946.

The sad part of the story is the keep it fast team love this band! But it is time for the dad to rise and say what all Dad’s are thinking..

So, I shall now hand you over to the capable writing talents of the man himself. Enjoy.

*Disclaimer – all thoughts are expressed in a light-hearted and comical way over the next few paragraphs. If Adam or Joe want this idea removed I will do so. Thank you, and goodnight Vienna.


“The skirl of the pipes across the Scottish glens is a sound to bring tears to the eyes of almost any Scot. The first track on this album does not do that. It sounds a bit like a absolute beginner being played backwards. I can find no discernible melody or tune, nothing I can get a mental hook on to allow me to listen.

The second one has a fragile melody smashed to bits that follows through the piece. It has interspersed through it, random notes by a variety of indiscriminately badly tuned instruments.

The third has instrumental pieces that could have come from Tudor times and should have stayed there. There was an over use of electronic wizardry. The lyrics were present but I am not what the language was.

The forth and fifth tracks sound as if they were made up, as they went along with random notes in some purposeless order.

Track six has lyrics that sound like they have been obtained during a torture session; having been ripped from the singer’s throat by red-hot pincers. There is also more white noise than I have heard for a very long time.

The seventh starts off as if it came from different CD; heavy drums and an electronic organ that should have been discarded a long time ago. The lyrics seem to have been recorded by the vocalist outside in a car park, which is where I would have liked to have been during this session.

Track eight sounds as if it is stuck and keeps going round on a circle. Everything is quietening down and it is time to take yourself and the girl you have picked up home; as compared to the rest of the album, this is the last dance I cannot wait to finish.”

Right….so, as you can see, it was a real hit with the old man.

He gives Gay against you’s self titled EP:

Mad Mac rating of two!

The EP in question can be downloaded for free from the band’s last fm page.

Myspace is totally Gay.

G.A.Y. profile on ADAADAT Label.


If you don’t fancy downloading, but want to listen, check out the track ‘Ppanda‘ with its “fragile melody; smashed to bits…


Don’t forget to tune in next week for more features, in which we send my dad to see grindcore band, Haemorrhagic Smallpox; let him go on tour as sound technician for New York Stock Exchange and interviews techno-trance folk duo, Deep-fried Guinea Pig. Sorted.

Intro & Conclusion – Ross Macdonald
Words – Mad Mac

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