Mad Mac Reviews 2: This Time, It’s Personal!

The second installment of ‘Mad Mac Reviews’ hits the screen like body parts splattering from a combine harvester accident. Yes, the man himself has returned to spill more pearls of wisdom with his views of the today’s music. He was locked up in a room with just a biro and a scrap of paper, with only the same 6 songs piped into his ears for company. Here’s what he thought of each one…..

(All views expressed are by Mad Mac. If you feel he has been unjust with a review of your band or you’re a fan of the band and want to complain, grow up, it’s just a larf. Who knows, one day we might actually give him something he enjoys! End transmission….)


Liars – Plaster Casts of Everything

This track would probably improve if the keyboard player could play a few more notes. The lyrics need to be listened to very carefully to see if any words are actually being used. I did and concluded that there are none. The overall sound is monotonous and is ideal for the sort of person who does not like any distinguishing point to this kind of music. (What??? – Ross)

65daysofstatic – Don’t go down to Sorrow

An instrumental offering that I did not detest from the start. It is obvious that they could at least play their instruments. A lot of this type of music seems to be played by people who have spent at least 20 minutes learning to play about three or four notes. They then keep repeating them in an attempt to suggest they can play .On the whole, a nice track as long as you do not have to listen to it for too long.

Northern State – Better Already

Nice to hear a discernible tune the lyrics are a bit samey and difficult to hear. However, listening to the words is not the point of this type of music. It is the overall sound that matters. This is a song the will live with you for a long time, as I could not get the repetitious tinny voice out of my head for quite a while, try as I might. A group I could visualise on one of my blacker moods.

No Age!

No Age – Everybody’s Down

The predominant noise throughout this track is the pummel of heavy bass guitars. I can imagine this in a small room possibly causing structural damage. The singer tries valiantly to be heard over the music; and most of the time he succeeds. I fear he should not sing for too long for health and safety reasons because of damage to his voice. It would be a great shame if he were lost to the world of music because of overexposure.

Melt Banana – Blank Page of the Blind

The weighty beat of the heavy percussion succeeds very well in drowning out the vocalist. For this they deserve a medal. The singer I think, must be aged about 12 and should have been left at home with her mum. Little was added by the sound. The music and vocals were frantic as if they could not wait to finish; I know how they felt.

500 Miles to Memphis – All My Friends are Crazy

The fiddle playing is very good and makes me think of an Irish pub for tourists or a barn dance. The vocals I could hear but soon lost interest in. Nice arrangement, good tune and not too long, for which we can all be thankful.

A result I think, at least 3 out of the 6 tracks were given a slightly positive ‘thumbs up’ from the old man. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw him at the next No Age gig! (‘Fat chance’ – Mad Mac)

Intro – Ross
Words – Mad Mac

Additional and Links

Liars are set to release their 4th album on Mute Records, titled ‘Liars‘ in August. The video for ‘Plaster Casts of Everything‘ can be viewed here.

65daysofstatic released their 3rd album on Cargo Records, titled ‘The Destruction of Small Ideas‘ in April 2007. ‘Don’t Go Down to Sorrow‘ was the first single. They plan to support the Cure of their North American Tour.

Northern State release their 3rd album on Ipecac Records, titled ‘Can I Keep This Pen? on August 14th 2007. The video for ‘Better Already‘ can be viewed here.

No Age are set to start a tour of America in September in support of their debut full length, ‘Weirdo Rippers‘ on FatCat Records which can be bought here.

Melt Banana released their sixth studio album, ‘Bambi’s Dilemma‘ on A-Zap records in April 2007.

500 Miles to Memphis’s album, ‘Sunshine in a Shotglass‘ is out now on Deep Elm records.

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